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Discussion in 'Bickering' started by sunnistudent, Jan 26, 2016.

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  1. sunnistudent

    sunnistudent Veteran

    Noori, can I make posts in this thread which you have dedicated it for my posts?

    Shukriya. If there are conditions even in this thread, please do mention.
  2. sunnistudent

    sunnistudent Veteran

    Mawlana Syed Muzaffar Shah has posted the reply which Mufti Akmal gave in response to a question. Has any one got a weblink for the question which was asked to Mufti Akmal?
  3. sunnistudent

    sunnistudent Veteran

    Does any one have the recording where the question to which mufti akmal replied can be heard?

    The clip provided by syed muzaffar shah has only the answer given by mufti akmal and not the question.

    The answer talks about friday prayers.

    If any one has the complete question with answer, please provide the link.

    Note: Forum mufti should do research before issuing a "qualified opinion' or he might go answer less like before.

    Mufti Alert: read post 7 of kufr returns thread.

    Our mufti has already made some 'assumptions' . I hope both the parties consult this senior mufti before they go for debate.

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