Syrian Situation and Updates of Shaykh Yaqubi's Statements

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  1. Thanks bro AA. This was an excellent talk by Shaykh Yaqoubi. May Allah hasten
    the end of the vile Assad and his Alawite regime.

  2. Abu Aleshba

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    A family member told me Shaykh Yaqoubi was on Sky News yesterday. I wonder if they were broadcasting the following lecture?

    Shaykh Yaqoubi at the Royal United Services Institute. Lecture is less than half-an-hour long followed by a Q&A. Very insightful commentary on the situation.

    Syria: The Road to Democracy
    19 June 2012
  3. Abu Aleshba

    Abu Aleshba Active Member

    Tweet updates by Sheikh Yaqoubi overnight. One tweet:

    We dare the Syrian regime to declare three-day national mourning over the horrific massacre in Houla.!/Shaykhabulhuda
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    Translation of a recent (15 May) Sheikh Yaqoubi statement:

    The Fall of the Regime is Necessary
    Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

    Why do you call for a change of regime in Syria? We seek an explanation of the reasons behind your call for protests and uprising, so that the situation may become clear to us.

    Rising up against the regime and to remove the president and get rid of this gang is incumbent upon those who are capable in Syria. The harm in accepting the regime is far worse and greater than the risks and harms taken when rising up to remove it. In fact abstinence from supporting the revolution without a valid reason, for those who are able to support, is a major sin.

    Rebelling against this regime of the Baath Party and the Assad family which has been ruling for forty years is necessary. The top scholars of Syria in the seventies, whom we witnessed and whose words we carefully heard, were not pleased with Hafiz Assad seizing power and prayed for his destruction. They considered him unqualified for Presidency and ruled that ousting him is obligatory. However people in that time did not comply nor did they listen and follow the Ulema, who were the first to rise up against him and the Ba’th party; for they were preoccupied with their own business. Even when Shaykh Hasan Habannaka, stood up against the regime in the sixties and was imprisoned, very few people supported him. People were not expecting the regime to soon do what it did in Hama; nor were they convinced that the Baath party was against Islam.

    Hafiz Assad had a cunning way of persuasion which enabled him to deceive the masses and some of the Ulema for a while. Hence we repeat today what we said yesterday, it is not permissible for anyone to support this tyrannical regime unless he is compelled. They rule in the name of secularism, and the president uses the name of Islam to please people. The vilest people came to rule while few millions of the most skilled people of virtue and knowledge were forced into exile.

    The regime desecrated sacred sites and nullified much of the Islamic laws which were implemented. The regime gradually continues to eradicate Islam while people remain indifferent. Let alone murdering women, children, and the elderly, and the crimes of torture, rape, deification of the tyrant leader and mocking our religion. With all of this taking place, only people with no conscience would keep silent.
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    Scholars understand the (spiritual) causes of the situation and where the solution lies.

    Sheikh Yaqoubi is a supporter of the revolution and is aware of the need to remind and guide the people where necessary. Here is his latest update on facebook (Tue 1/5/2012):


    Guidance - Has Victory Been late?

    Sh. Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi

    There is question that arises sometimes after a year has passed since the revolution began, with months passing as if today is tomorrow and yesterday is today.

    As some people like to talk about victory as right granted to them or inherited and must therefore be given to them without any efforts or struggle. They do not mind having it on a plate of gold.
    I say: victory is a right that is earned and attained, and is not given but after by jihad and patience and is not reached but through sacrifice.

    No one is qualified for victory through fear and laziness nor by wishful thinking and hopes, but by courage, altruism and struggle.
    One year of Jihad is a short period of time for someone who accepted to live for forty years under humility and oppression without changing anything.

    One year of supporting Allah does not compare to fifty years of heedlessness from Allah and failure to support his religion.
    The answer that solves the problem is summed up in one word:
    Victory is not late; our work for is late.
    The struggle is from us and the victory is from Him; the former is a result of the latter. This is a Divine Law in the universe.
    He told us about it in the Holy Quran when He said: "If ye help Allah, Allah God will you!"

    In His words, "If ye help" He points out to our duty of work for to Allah, in Allah and for Allah. This is the support for religion, for blood and wealth, for the oppressed and the humiliated.
    In His word, "He Will Give you victory" glad tidings coming fro Him even when we are few in numbers, weak or lack the means.

    And between understanding His signals and His tidings the balance has been broken. We kept busying ourselves in what He promised us while we forgot what He demanded from us. No wonder we have reached this state, begging for victory without efforts and wanting a change with no sacrifices.

    I am not talking about the position of individuals, but I am talking about the position of a nation and a people, Moving to overthrow the regime is still limited to a select group of people of conscience and courage, and the rest of the masses are yet waiting and waiting.
    We want these masses to come out in millions to participate in the uprising waiting and fulfill their duties of support.

    In a nutshell, victory is linked to every individual in this country feeling the necessity to work hard and struggle day and night till we reach a moment when we are qualified for victory.

    Then, we can see victory very close to us, which is a reality Allah told us about: {Your support from Allah is imminent}.
    This will not happen, as we see it, except when the throats of the silent people shouts in the streets "Death but not humiliating".
    It will happen when hundreds of thousands of people sets out to the streets of Damascus saying in loud voices Allah-u Akbar, Allah-u Akbar. Then and only then, our eyes shall have the pleasure of seeing victory.
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    Wasn't sure about posting this in a new thread.

    Every friday the demonstrations in Syria are given a name. The recent friday was apparantly called "The command of Allah is coming, so be not impatient for it."

    The following is a video (about a minute long) from a mosque in the heart of Damascus (27/4/2012).

    The slogans are very reassuring and pleasing as a Sunni.

    "Our leader forever is our Master (Prophet) Muhammad!" [Sallalahu Alaihi Wa Salam]

    "O Rasoolallah, we sacrifice our soul and blood for you!"

    "Here I am, O Allah, at Your service."

    "Hey, yallah! We only bow down to Allah."
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    We can now keep in touch with the Shaykh on twitter. The twitter is updated more frequently than the Shaykhs facebook. Good news for those who yearning for comment and guidance from the Shaykh on the Syrian situation.

    The latest tweet:

    The liberation of Palestine will be done through Syria, as told in several hadiths; ousting Assad is the first right step towards it.

    22 Apr!/Shaykhabulhuda

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