Tackling Atheism

Discussion in 'Aqidah/Kalam' started by Unbeknown, Mar 15, 2018.

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  1. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    just see the obituaries and tweets from his friends, colleagues and admirers and you will know that atheists are not above hero worship.

    another thing we see is that they are all using the language which believers use, they somehow want hawking to know that they admire, love and respect him. They don't want him to be utterly dead but to have some perception left.

    This is what NASA says:

    Now, this is what Hawking himself said about humans:

    ❝We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special❞ - Interview, Der Spiegel, October 1988

    So why don't these people say:

    "A monkey has died - he was just a complex chemical structure that resulted by accident of the laws of physics and is now dead as the laws of physics mandate and will soon dissolve into original elements and shall be nothing. Nature is like that so let's not get all senti and send love-bites to a decaying heap of flesh and bones. Remarkable? Intelligent? Oh, that's just a play of chemicals and physics. There's nothing to more to that. Humans are an advanced breed of monkeys who happen by chance, live by chance and die by chance. And the great cosmos and the stars and black holes shall outlive him by billions of years and then the great crunch shall destroy space and time and nothing will return to being nothing and no harm done. So whats the big deal?"

    Of-course they won't say that about one of their own idols.

    But that urge to see one's loved ones live beyond physical death, is some sense, is irrepressible for many of even the most die-hard atheists.

    And why should that not be when the ruh continually makes it's present felt - even in the bodies of "monkey-brains".
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  2. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

  3. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    the world's biggest idiot and most famous atheist is dead; just read how many times the fool changed his mind and the lies he uttered "But now science offers a more convincing explanation" (see link); you can now imagine the pathetic condition of his friends who agree they have smaller IQs than he had.


    the truth is that these failures just do not want to accept that science cannot explain the existing of anything; and they do not want to accept that they are wrong.

    indeed, guidance is from Allah.
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  4. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    when people are broke and or if they need publicity or some activity they bad mouth islam. any reasons why leaving islam is a more important than say campaigning against western meddling in islamic countries?

    see, bbc is covering them as if they have escaped very european, german and christian gas chamber! or a very american, christian, guantanamo.

    bbc is an anti-islamic mouthpiece nowadays. in the past, any such propaganda was heavily disguised; but they don't care anymore.

    one guys parents were phd. does it automatically endow him with genius and make him philosopher? and even if he were a phd himself, let him refute taftazani's sharh al-aqayid if he is really is smarter than all of us.
    if one leaves islam, to hell with them. who really cares? two and a half people leaving islam is not "people leaving islam in droves".

    besides, RasulALlah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam already foretold that people will become apostates - come to think of it, if it werent'

    jo na maaney aap saqar gaya -
    kahin noor hai, kahin naar hai.
  5. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran


    if only someone can access these ignorant fools, and bring them back!

    it seems most of them have been former extremists or have been in touch with one - making them shun not extremism, but Islam itself.
  6. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    they seem to have taken the theory of infinite histories quite literally.

    if you make an infinite number of wild guesses, one of them is bound to be true....

    they shot a hundred arrows into the dark
    and each one of them missed it's mark...
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  7. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

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  8. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

    So principle of determination = nothing can create anything
    First proposition = nothing cannot create anything
  9. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    simply put it means: nothing cannot create anything
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  10. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

    So this is the opposite of the principal of determination? And what exactly is the principal of determination?
  11. sunni_porter

    sunni_porter Well-Known Member

    Rough transcript of the first Tackling Atheism video:


    This is a message for the atheists to consider certain propositions before discussing with a Muslim.

    Now those propositions are: proposition number one, that we cannot have something coming into existence simply because of the principal of determination. What do we mean by the principal of determination? If there are two options, A and B, existence and non-existence, someone would have to have come along and chosen the proposition of existence over non-existence, therefore we exist. So this is proposition number one and this would be very logical to any Muslim theologian and Muslim layman.

    Proposition number two for the atheists to consider is the impossibility of continuous regress. What do we mean by continuous regress? That something is caused by something else, so we would say A is caused by B, and then B is caused by C, and then C is caused by D ad infinitum, meaning forever. This, Muslim theologians will say, is an impossibility.

    And proposition number three is the impossibility of circular reasoning. What do we mean by circular reasoning? If we say A caused B, and B caused A, and therefore A caused B, and B caused A. Or if we say A caused B, and B caused C, and C caused A, and then A caused B, and then B caused C, this would be something rationally impossible.

    These three things are very important for any atheist willing to debate a Muslim theologian to refute. Either you agree with these three propositions and if you do agree then the conversation or the debate can go ahead; and if you decide to disagree with these propositions then either the propositions are debated in of themselves or you reach an impasse in the debate where the debate cannot continue.

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