tafsir khazayin and nur al-'irfan

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  1. yes that's an amazing achievement.

    still, i find reading large tracts online -especially scanned images--difficult. nothing, yet, beats the convenience of a book although some ebook readers promise much in the near future...
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    The students from the Annual examinations at the Noorul Islam Masjid in Bolton, seem mostly of Gujarati origins. I see names as 'Ganchi', 'Bharuchwala', lots of Patels. Teachers are also from there with southern Gujarati sounding names.

    So this means that the Sunni Gujarati community mainly from the area of Bharuch, which I suppose is a Muslim majority district in the Indian state of Gujarat, are settled in the UK. Looks good.

    Mostly, Gujaratis in the UK tend to be deobandi, the vast majority of them.
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    Where can i get tafsir naeemi in uk
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    Yes it was Hadrat Thana'ullah pani patti(RA) who compiled Tafsir mazhari.
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    are you sure, sidi? i thought it was by qadi thana'ullah pani patti, who named his tafsir after his shaykh, hazrat mirza mazhar jaan e jaanaN.
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    tafseer mazhari is written by hazrat mirza mazhar jan janan aliahi rahma wa ridhwan - khalifa of hazrat mujadid alf thani alaihi rahma wa ridhwan.

    i read somewhere that molana iqtidaar khan naimi, the elder son of mufti ahmed yaar khan naimi aliahi rahmwa wa ridhwan, completed rest of the volumes of tafseer-e-naimi.
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    i get the feeling that one reason for 'allama ghulam rasul sa'eedi naming his tafsir tibyan al-qur'an may be because his teacher, imam ahmad sa'eed kazmi, left his at-tibyan ma'al bayan unfinished. he did finish at-tibyan which is the translation of the qur'an but he did not finish the tafsir, at-tibyan ma'al bayan.
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    alaHazrat has mentioned saltanati'l muSTafa in his Barakātu’l Imdād li Ahli’l Istimdād
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    i have read that mufti aHmad yar khan also wrote

    na'imu'l bari sharh saHiH bukhari
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    correct me if i'm wrong, but i get the feeling alaHazrat has a book called anbayil muSTafa [relating to 'ilm al-ghayb i believe] and i think he also has a book called salTanati'l muSTafa

    i read al amnu wa'l ula a long time ago but i'm sure alaHazrat mentioned his book salTanat al-muSTafa in there
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    it's 12 volumes
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    mufti aHmad yaar khan has also written a book called something along the lines of imdad e khuda ba waseela e awliya.
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    i have read that mufti ghulam rasul saeedi has finished tibyan al-Qur'an in 10 vols. he is the author of sharh saHiH muslim in 7 vols. he is the shaykh ul hadith of one of the 2 major darul ulooms of lahore [not nizamia rizwiya (that is allama sharaf qadri) but the other one [which i get the feeling is also called nizamia?)]
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    been watching too much QTV?

    tafsir mazhari i believe is by qadi thanaullah pani patti raHimahullah.

    ps: i stole this little intro. from your very own alaHazrat group.
  17. :s1:
    masha Allah. Thanks for this beautiful littlel introduction. I have both Khazayin and Nur al Irfan--both tend to be published in the marginalia of Ala Hadrat's Kanz ul Iman--and both are beautiful although I prefer Khazayin because I am a literary snob!
    Shan Habib al Rahman is an incredible book too--concise yet, as far as I am aware,---unique, one of a kind. It too is tafsir but only of all those verses which explicitly praise the Habib صلى الله عليه وسلم. A lot of tassawuf in there too.

    The other must-have Sunni tafseer (from the Subcontinent), of course, is Pir Karam Shah Sahib's Zia ul Qur'an: a middling length exegesis in 5 volumes. The Urdu is more modern and the style academic. Beautiful.

    I have also seen one called Tafsir Mazhari but not sure who it is by.
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    it is pertinent to note that mufti aHmed yar khan was the student of
    sadrul afadil mufti na`imuddin muraadabadi.

    the teacher authored the marginalia, khazayin al-`irfan while his
    student just wrote a simpler version. the khazayin is in classy
    urdu, almost the same class of a`ala Hazrat. and it is concise. in
    my humble opinion, it is almost a translation of the well-known
    arabic tafsir 'jalalayn'.

    whereas the nur al-`irfan is much more simpler (the audience is meant
    to be commonfolk) and at times differs with fatawa of his teacher.
    (the case of yaghuth ya`uuq, nasr for example; surat nuH:33)

    but this is again concise compared to his magnum opus : tafsir
    na`eemi in which he collected most of the well-known tafaseer in one
    huge tome. each juz in one volume of about a thousand pages!

    mufti aHmed yar khan was a prolific writer, but he died rather
    young. raHmatullahi `alayh.

    it is said that he completed all the 30 juz, but as far as i know
    (even my teacher used to say that he mightn't have) he could only get
    around 15-17 juz. but this is all hearsay. i have seen 12 volumes
    (twelve juz) but of the other volumes i am not sure. someone who
    knows better can just fill in here.

    a little more about tafseer naeemi: the style is thus:

    - verse.
    - translation (a`ala Hazrat's if i remember well)
    - word meanings and note on grammar, usage.
    - comparative tafseer: for example, "in khazin, it is said.... in -
    jalalayn it says..... in bayDawi it says......" and so forth.
    - his remarks. there are laTayif (subtle points elaborated)
    sprinkled, liberally all around.

    sometimes the tafsir of one ayah may run into scores of pages. it is
    indeed one of the most important tafseers in urdu. and as usual,
    neglected by sunnis out of apathy and sometimes wilfully by the
    others (wahabi,tablighi,salafi..fill in your favorite non-sunni here)

    other excellent works of mufti aHmed yar khan, which sunnis should be
    reading (instead of getting into debates) are:

    - rasayil na`imiyyah (some are repeated below)
    - jaa al Haqq (wa zahaqal baaTil)
    - salTanat e muSTafa
    - chaar aham iSTilaheN (a refutation/correction of mawdudi's four
    - shaan e Habibur RaHmaan (from the verses of quran)
    - ulum e qur'an (excellent primer on quran sciences)
    - risala e nur (on the matter that Rasul is nur, Sallallahu `alayhi
    wa sallam)

    an anthalogy of his poems goes by the name 'diwan e salik'. my
    favorite is the na`at:

    "tum hi ho chayn aur qaraar, is dile beqaraar meiN" sung beautifully
    by the late mushtaq qadri; and can be found in the cassette: dar-e-

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