Tasawwuf is Adab.... Tasawwuf is Character!

Discussion in 'Tasawwuf / Adab / Akhlaq' started by Saeed, Jan 1, 2005.

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  1. Saeed

    Saeed New Member

    JazakAllahu khairan Sidi,

    a powerful reminder to this wretched sinner.

    May Allah illumine your and our lives with true faith and piety.

  2. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    Ya Syedina Rasulullah al Madad! saws

    Ya Syedina Habiballah al Madad! saws

    Ya Syedina Abu Bakar al Siddiq al Akbar al Madad! :ra:

    Ya Syedina 'Umar al Farooq al 'Adzam al Madad! :ra:

    Ya Syedina 'Uthman al Ghani al Zun Nurain al Madad! :ra:

    Ya Syedina Imam 'Ali Shere Khoda al Murtaza al Madad! :ra:
  3. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    Islam is a Din of Rights!

    Ophcourse there is tolerance as well

    But Islam is a Din of Rights!

    Where does this concept of Rights of others (be they our Ahle Sunnah brothers and sisters, or non Ahle Sunnah or non Muslims ) come into play into the concept of Adab and Character, which Islam is all about?

    Which Tasawwuf is all about!
  4. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    Is gentleness a part of Adab and Character of a Muslim?

    Is moderation a part of Adab and Character of a Muslim?

    Isn't Beauty a part of Adab and Character of a Muslim

    How will we beautify ourselves?

    What have we done by now to beautify ourselves?

    Where is the proof?

    Who knows the truth?

  5. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    Is enjoining the good and forbidding the evil important in Tasawwuf?

    in other words is it important in Shari'ah?

    Is it the same as finding faults in others and then enjoining the good and forbidding the evil to them?

    "Surely, you are of tremendous nature", [Quran-68:4]

    "Those who suppress their anger, and are forgiving toward mankind; Assuredly, Allah loves those who are good. [Quran-3:134]

    what manifestations does the act of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil takes form in?

    where does Adab and character come into play here?
  6. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    Soften your hearts!

    Dig them

    Keep on digging them

    Keep and Keep on Digging them

    Keep and keep and keep on Digging them until the fountains Gushes through!

    What is preventing you to soften your hearts my bros and sis'?

    We are all together here aren't we all?

    We all Love eachother here, dont we all?

    We are a Community as hard and as unbreakable as a Diamond Crystal!

    Aren't we?

    Why are 80% of all Muslims on earth still Ahle Sunnah?

    besides all rebellious movements, besides all fitnahs

    what is the reason?

    what is the magic?
  7. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    I want all my bros and sis' here to know that I have started this thread and am writing so much for the love of you all because I was seriously hurt by a post recently!!

    I was deeply hurt by the joke, ridicule, bickering and negative sarcasm and total disregard for the feelings of a fellow Sunni brother shown there!

    I am honest about it, it made me cry!

    this is no exagerration, it is no lie!

    I am astonished!

    I know as a fact shias in Iran are all messed up because they dont have exactly what I am talking about in this thread!

    We Sunnis have been so long together, and is this still the way we talk?

    I wish my Sunni bros and sis' open their hearts and minds!

    We cannot be answering questions, giving explainations, advices all our lives!

    arguing and discussing all our lives!

    a teacher is not there to give explainations, answer questions, remove doubts by talking only!

    a teacher is there to get CHARACTER FROM!

    why not my brothers and sisters here become like teachers who give Character to others, rather than behave like "school teachers" with a cane in their hand?

    knowledge also comes from silence!

    it also comes from sitting next to your brother your sister your teacher and having eye to eye, heart to heart contact with them

    this is the real realization!

    please forgive me if I am not making it clearer!

    but life is not all about correcting and learning and filling up webspaces!

    life is also about walking the path!

    know the path!

    walk the path!

    that should be the emphasis,

    lectures on the pathway are for that purpose

    that is what thier aim is
  8. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    We must force ourselves,

    train ourselves,

    be vigilant,

    be vigorous,

    be Mujahids,

    to not to allow any kind of negative thought

    of whatever level

    about any of our Sunni brother or sister

    enter our hearts and minds

    no matter what the circumstance

    no matter what the reason

    no matter what the compulsion!

    no matter what the motive!

    Tasawwuf is realization!

    Tasawwuf is Character!

    Tasawwuf is Adab!

    Tasawwuf is La Ilaha Ill Allah Muhammad RasulAllah !

    Tasawwuf is 'AuDu bilAllahi min al Shaytan al Rajeem bi ism il Allahi al Rahman al Rahim
  9. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    :s2: to all my sweet bros and sis'

    below is my reminding to me and to you, for I Love you All!!

    My teacher once told me that Tasawwuf is all about character (Ahklaq)!

    Tasawwuf is all about Adab! No matter to which path you belong to in the Sunni Way.

    If we want to revive then we must remember it can only come through a revival of Adab!

    Believe me, Adab and character removes away 99% of all the problems, fitnahs, arguments that might exist on earth!

    There will be no progression until we remember to put every aspect of our existence into spotlight, and characterize it with the character of our Habeeb saws.

    What does the Love of HabibAllah saws mean?

    My Lovely Sunni brothers and sisters please please remember not to judge the actions of your fellow brothers and sisters

    We must all Lower ourselves in front of them and cover up all their nakedness that might be there and Allah will cover all the nakedness we have!!!

    Love between the Ahle Sunnah is Must!

    If one sees any thing faulty in another brother, no matter to what extent, one must see that fault first in oneself and remember all the other faults one has!

    Those who find faults in others soon will forget their own faults one day!

    Remember, Love Is the Highest Maqam a Muslim can have!

    Unity and Love among the Ahle Sunnah is must!

    It is of utmost importance that we all stick together with True Sincere Genuine Love for eachother,

    we have to show it to our brother, spiritually and physically in every way!!

    Otherwise how will he know?

    We might be saying things, that might be insulting him and thus hurting him, but we are too arrogant to think about this!

    Even all kind of excessive talks or jokes or sarcasms will kill your heart!

    it will make it HARDER!

    this is a warning my sweet bros and sis' for me and you

    this is all because we want to keep maintaing Love in the Jama'ah, as a whole community, this is certainly what is called a "revival"

    This is the community of the Sahaba raDziAllahu 'anhum!!!

    Ophcourse daily advice, corrections, lectures, warnings in concern for others as time goes by are important!

    But the Highest form of Communication and correction and learning is by the way of Akhlaq or Character or Behaviour!

    Control your tongues!

    the tongue is the reason for most of the fitnah today!

    If any brother or sister criticizes or finds faults in another brother or sister, it is because he/she himself is faulty, he/she is away from Tasawwuf, from the Dzikar of Allah Ta'ala! from Allah's repentence!

    He/she is wasting his/her time!!

    Be patient with others by bros and sis'!

    You know all that I am talking about!

    How did our Habeeb saws spread Islam?

    How will we all succeed in the revival of the Ahle Sunnah?

    How will we succeed in our Mission to revive this Ummah again?

    All the work that the Jama'ats of Da'wah do to revive the Muslims, what are they doing?

    Look at Habib 'Ali al Jifri hafiDuAllah ta'ala :cry: :cry: :cry:

    the ignorants trouble him!


    just listen to the way these ignorant people ask him questions and waste his most precious time!!!

    he cries!!!

    he cries!!!

    I cry!!!

    I cry!!!

    you cry!!

    you cry!!

    this is what has happened to this Ummah!!

    We Lost Iran

    We Lost Saudia

    We Lost Algeria

    We Lost Spain, Sicily, Portugal!

    We Lost East Punjab

    We Lost the Balkans!

    We Lost Palestine!

    and we dont even know how to deal with ourselves! :cry:

    Look at how the Habaib behave with those who oppose them be they salafis or shias!

    Just look at the smiles of the Habaib!

    what are you waiting for brothers and sisters!

    cry and cry and cry for Allah's sake cry!

    Look how the habaib are wining hearts in millions through their Character!

    Arabs from Morocco to Oman NOW KNOW THEM!

    They are all coming back to the Love of Rasulullah saws

    Remember a Muslim who judges another Muslim will never get closer to Allah!!

    and lastly

    Always remember to consider your Muslim brother or sister as perfect, by the simple fact that we All belong to the Ahle Sunnah!!!

    If my brother or sister is a Sunni, HE IS THE BEST!!

    NO OTHER THING SHOULD CROSS MY MIND! till the day I die!

    Elevate and Glorify your Sunni brother or sister for the Sake of Allah Ta'ala and His Habeeb saws.

    Encourage him in all his desires and dreams!

    and in this close connection remove all that might be considered reprehensible, all that might be considered ill, faulty, against fitrah, rebellion against Allah and His Nabi saws

    Advice and correction works not by finding faults and correcting them in public in a sarcastic way!

    why joke as such?

    it works by connecting with your brother in admiration of him, love of him!

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