the flat - not round earth

Discussion in 'Tafsir' started by abu Hasan, May 9, 2008.

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  1. Yet both have been forgotten!

    Oh nazzam did you think you could pick a fault in Ali(RadhiAllah Anhu) and not have your name wiped away?

    Oh Abu Musa how your truth shone through,oh Abu Mansur your beauty increases by the day.:rolleyes:
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    the Qur'an is the ultimate truth - not science.

    yes some scholars believed the world to be flat based on that ayah - others did not. it is a matter of interpretation - not a defect in the divine text. abu ya'la, Ibn Hazm and others claimed consensus that the earth was round, in fact.
  3. It's great to know that we must interpret the qur'an to fit the facts..because otherwise if we let the qur'an shape our understanding, and let it guide us, we will err from the truth. as you so well demonstrate.

    we start from knowledge then apply this to the qur'an (and sunnah)..not vice versa.

    The qur'an leads people to believe the earth is flat..and no wonder khaTeeb says the the ijma' of the ahl -ul-sunnah is that it's flat and unmoving. those poor backward misguided luminaries who took the qur'an as their guide !

    No wonder the misguided wahaabies are churning out fataawin that the qur'an says the earth is flat/unmoving !

    NaZZam, I take my hat of to you. how right you were. handsome you are.
  4. bro ahlus sunnah...i jacked it from imam ghazzali ! ra:

    ah! what an imam. a towering figure. not many books can make one weep just by reading them but the imam's words can have an effect on even a sick dog like me. subhan Allah. may Allah shower him with mercy and forgive us all for his sake. amen. insha allah we will all meet in jannah together as the 'sunniport' brethren with our Master صلى الله عليه وسلم
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    Paul Walorski, B.A., Part-time Physics/Astronomy Instructor says:

    If I were a billionaire and physically fit, then proving to you the earth is round would be no problem. I can just take you with me on the space shuttle and we'll watch with our own eyes the earth from the orbiting International Space Station.

    I would join him.........LOL :))
  6. Imam Ghazzali(Alayh Rahma) says something to the same effect.

    Although he leaves out the "bro".
  7. look people,when standing on it the earth is flat(i mean you aint gonna fall off the edge anywhere are ya).

    Although from outer space and as a whole its roundish/spherical.

    Both arguments could be valid depending on the how one looks at it.

    by God,i think i 've solved it!!!!:D
  8. Doesn't look very flat to me...that was a satellite image.

    Bro, in the light of obvious facts it means we must interpret the Qur'an so it does not contradict known truths.
  9. who said they were, they were guided by the qur'an that clearly says the earth is flat, unmoving, as opposed to the statements of the astronomers and scientific knowledge. no quranic ayah says the world is 'kurawiyy'' flat, spread out, like carpet..extended..
  10. faqir

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    people are not immune from mistakes ;)
  11. I'd like to start this thread, which I didn't explore in the asfa one. That is the belief of the flatness/motionless of the earth. what led me to this was the bit about salafii's changing too when I discovered that some modern reprints of tafsiir jalaalayn do not have the following bits.

    20وَإِلَى الْأَرْضِ كَيْفَ سُطِحَتْ..الغاشية آية

    وقوله سُطحت ظاهر في أن الأرض سطح، وعليه علماء الشرع لا كرة كما قاله أهل الهيئة(الفلك) وإن لم ينقص ركنا من أركان الشرع

    [...] His saying 'suTiHat is obvious that the earth is FLAT, as the Ulamaa of the shar' say NOT spherical as the physicists claim..otherwise a pillar of the shar' would become invalidated...

    al-khaTiib al-baghdadi interestingly enough say that there is consensus of the Ahl-al-sunnah that the earth is stationary and resting:

    إن أهل السنة أجمعوا على وقوف الأرض وسكونها


    " فقال: لأنه بسط الأرض وسماها

    بساطاً خلاف زعم الفلاسفة والمنجّمين أنها كروية

    He has spread out the earth and called it "spread out" as opposed to the philosophers and the astronomers that it is spherical .


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