the fraud of imam-e-minhaj

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  1. Re: what AQ just posted about revolucion a la Egypt! My biggest gripe towards both altaf paayee -- what a gangster HE is!--and now the tahir ul padri sahib -- is that both call for the masses to rise up whilst happily living outside pakistan.
  2. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    don't tell me he's raising the desi version of the third reich!

    recently through an altaf hussein style video conference, he has called on the people of pakistan to come out on the streets a la egypt. was on the news yesterday.

    this guy's dancing to some foreign power's drums for sure.
  3. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    here, mufti asif jalali gives examples where imam-e-minhaj makes basic arabic mistakes.

    the bottom line is, no one who makes such mistakes can ever be shaykh ul islam. the minhajis have got to stop exagerrating about their imam. he is nothing more than those politicians who have earpieces and are dictated to.

    people have got to forget the notion that the better the orator, the more knowledgeable he is.
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    A Tahiri or a Minhaji is one who knows, understands, is fully aware of and considers the views (in dispute) to be correct. I don't consider a person to be a Minhaji merely on his association or admiration of Tahir. My view on who is Minhaji is based on Mufti Shariful Haq's -alaihi rahmah - definition of who a Deobandi is (in the true sense).
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    aqdas do you think the tahiris/minhajis will take your ball in their court? We must remember, these tahiris/minhajis, vast majority of them, were our Sunni brothers and sisters, and vast majority of them still are.

    If sunniport is sunniport, it is a port for all Sunnis.These tahiris/minhajis have been convinced by someone we all disagree with. We can de-convince them. These tahiris/minhajis, most of them are still Sunni.

    BUT WHAT WILL NAME CALLING DO??? The Pakistani Sunnis have family members who are still Sunni, but "admirers" of Dr Tahir. We can term admirers of Dr Tahir as tahiri/minhaji. And push them away. No way they can get the ball in their court, as they were never in the court.

    I have seen it very carefully being an outsider. Most of the "tahiri/minhajis" are NOT involved in debating or kicking the ball back into the oponent's court.

    Look around Sunniport. How many tahiri/minhajis do we have on Sunniport answering back, defending Dr Tahir????

    Show me the Tahiri/minhajis on Sunniport. Yes there are a few on deenport. Where else?
  6. the absolute best destruction of the false professor is found here on a non-religious site. it is devastating. if tahir had any shame he would respond but he wont.[it was actually written after he published his 600 page fatwa but is even more pertinent given his recent 'peace' conference].

    some excerpts:

    strong language but hits the bullseye.
  7. I first began to get suspicious of him when his biography came out entitled - wait for it-- Tahir se Qaid e Inqilab tak - from Tahir to leader of the revolution !!

    Which revolution?! Now he is no longer leader of the revolution
    but Shaykh ul Islam and Reviver of the Century according to his acolytes.
  8. Continuing on with this he has also never explained his false sanads in Hadith which he gives himself to fool the adoring followers. Something like only six chains between him and imam bukhari. There used to be a brilliant refutation of these false chains of his by dr gf haddad on his website living islam but it has been removed. If anyone can dig it up. . .

    He is a good actor though. He can turn on the waterworks at will when talking about islam.
  9. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    i wish to start a thread continuing from here.

    i believe what aH has written is what many scholars have said for a long time but for the first time, i have seen it broken down and analysed like this. that is, many scholars/people have said for ages that he doesn't write his own books, he just gets people to write them for him and he gets accredited as the author. but, this is as far as people went.

    aH has drilled down and has questioned just one of his books, the 25,000 hadith collection. deconstructing tahir's thought asks some very pertinent questions and poses some undeniable criticisms.

    sure, there are hadith scholars of the past that wrote more voluminous collections than imam-e-minhaj but they were recluses. they didn't wonder the globe going from one christmas party to the next, cutting one cake in pakistan and another in canada - one to celebrate christmas and the other for their own birthdays.

    but, as the paper asks, if he is a genius, then we have the right to question him. the matn, sanad etc. that he must be able to give for 40 hadiths is easy for such a genius.

    it is now up to the minhajis/tahiris to get their fake ul islam to answer. the ball's in your court.
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