The grave was infested with black snakes.

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    Imam Shaafi'i has said, 'malicious and jealous people get least peace of heart in the world. (Tanbih-ul-Mughtarrin, pp. 184)

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    A malicious person remains restless

    A malicious person lives his day and night filled with distress and sorrow, and he turns to be fainthearted. He puts a spoke in someone's wheels, ultimately, he deprives himself of further development. Imam Shaafi'i has said, 'malicious and jealous people get least piece of heart in the world. (Tanbih-ul-Mughtarrin, pp. 184)

    Every other person looks for peace and serenity in his life but a malicious person is fairly oblivious to the fact that his malady simply shatters the piece he has in his heart.
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    The danger of destroying one's faith

    Faith is a priceless asset and nothing else could be more important to a Muslim than the safety of his faith; but if he became plagued with malice and hatred, his faith would be in jeopardy. The Holiest Prophet ﷺ has said:

    You have indulged in the malady of the pervious Ummah; jealousy and malice, which shaves off. I do not say it shaves off hair but it shaves off the religion. (Sunan-ut-tirmizi, vol. 4, pp. 228, Hadees 2518)

    Shaykh Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan in connection with this Hadees has stated: "These maladies completely destroy religious faith and belief and sometimes a person leaves Islam due to malice and jealousy. Satan has also been a victim of these two maladies.' (Mirat-ul-Manajih, vol. 6, pp. 615)
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    Some people came to Sayyiduna Ibn Abbas RadiAllahu Ta'ala Anhu and said: We went on Hajj, another man was with us. When we reached the place called zat-us-sifah, that man passed away. We arranged his funeral and dug a grave to bury him. When we were laying him to rest, we found his grave infested with black snakes. We immediately abandoned that grave and dug another grave, which, all of a sudden was also infested with black snakes. We have, therefore, delayed his burial and have come to you for advice. Sayyiduna Ibn 'Abbas RadiAllahu Ta'ala Anhu said, this is his hatred he kept in his heart towards others! Go, and bury him in the same grave. (Mawsu'ah Ibn Abid Dunya, kitab-ul-Quboor, vol. 6, pp. 83)

    Did you see that even a person who went on the holy Pilgrimage of Hajj was buried in a grave full of black snakes due to hatred that he kept in his heart towards others. This parable is an eye opener for all of us, especially for those whose outward appearance looks very pure and sweet but inwardly they are fully contaminated with malice, hatred and other impurities. Just think about it! What would happen to us if we had to encounter such poisonous snakes and scorpions in our grave? Lets turn to Allah Azzawajal and repent before its too late.

    Akhirat ki khair mango, kahin woha koi rukawat na ban jaye.
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