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    There does exist a difference of opinion; some have said 9:128 ("truly has come to you a Messenger from amongst yourselves") and other verses. However the most correct, most popular and well-known (according to Qurtubi) is verse 2:281 ("fear the day you shall be brought back therein to Allah; then every soul shall receive in full that which it had earned, and they shall be wronged not"). This has been narrated from Ibn Umar and Ibn Abbas (ra). It was also narrated the Prophet (saw) was instructed to place the verse between the verses of usury and debt, and more specifically to place it immediately after the 280th verse. The verse was revealed several days before his (saw) death although some say it was a matter of hours. 5:3 was revealed at the farewell Hajj or at the Conquest of Makkah which was eather 1 or 3 years before his death, and therefore not the last verse to be revealed.
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    it's been a long time since i read a research article on this issue and cannot remember exactly which verse the sunni scholar cited as being the last verse to be revealed. however, i do remember for sure that he said that that which is common about al yawma akmaltu... being the last verse is incorrect.

    there is a difference of opinion but most people seem to think al yawma akmaltu... is the last. i think the writer said one of the later verses of al-baqarah was the last verse to be revealed.
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