The Lum’ah Award

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    Deadline update

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    Few days left so wrap it up and send it.
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    We're into December so I hope people are nearing the proofing stage.
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    Al-Salam Alaykum,

    Update: we will be extending the window for entries to Friday, December 31, 2021 In Shā Allāh.

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    Very interesting. It looks like this is open for internationals too.
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    Al-Salam Alaykum.

    In order to mark the centenary after the passing of the great reviver of the 14th C. Hijri, Imam Ahmad Rida Khan al-Baraylawi, Arqam College presents The Lum'ah Award.

    The award aims to use essay submissions to foster scholarly competition amongst Sunni Muslims whilst also rewarding excellence with cash prizes of up to £1000.

    Take part by writing an essay and paying tribute to the great Imam!

    Follow to find more details on the competition.

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