The Madinah Books Series

Discussion in 'Language Notes' started by Aqib alQadri, Feb 15, 2016.

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    Lisaan-ul-Quran of abdulkarim paraykh? not, good, very superficial.
  4. Haqbahu

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    And what about 'Lisaan-ul-Quran'?
  5. Noori

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    brother, they are excellent, i have a lot of books in urdu, english and arabic claiming to be the easiest ones to teach arabic on your own, but trust me you cannot read and comprehend beyond first few pages. but, if you finish this course, you can easily understand those books and realize why you were unable to understand.

    besides, there isn't anything about aqeedah, only arabic language, in a nice and clean way, i almost have finished book 2 and i love it because i am able to read and understand hadith sharif 60-70% (at times, some ahadith are very difficult but, most of the time i make out fairly well, walhamdulillahi ala dhalik)
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    As-Salaam Aleykum,

    Is the Madina Book Series (of Dr. Abdur Rahim) a good method for learning Arabic (for beginners)?
    If not, what are the drawbacks and what would you suggest otherwise?

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