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    Mullah Ali Qari (rah) beautifully said:
    الأوّل الحقيقي هو النور المحمدي على ما بينته في المورد للمولد

    Translation: The first reality is the “NUR-AL-MUHAMMADI” as I have mentioned in my book Al-Mawrid lil-Mawlid [Mullah Ali Qari in Mirqat, Sharh al Mishqaat (1/289), Published by Dar ul Fikr, Beirut, Lebanon]

    Mullah Ali Qari (rah) also said:

    والأوّلية من الأمور الإضافية فيؤوّل أن كل واحد مما ذكر خلق قبل ما هو من جنسه ؛ فالقلم خلق قبل جنس الأقلام ونوره قبل الأنوار وإلا فقد ثبت أن العرش قبل خلق السموات والأرض، فتطلق الأوّلية على كل واحد بشرط التقييد فيقال: أوّل المعاني كذا، وأوّل الأنوار كذا، ومنه قوله: «أوّل ما خلق الله نوري»، وفي رواية: «روحي» ومعناهما واحد، فإن الأرواح نورانية

    Translation: Being first is amongst the matters of “Idhafiyah” hence the interpretation will be done that these things (i.e. Qalam, Aql, Nur, Ruh, Arsh etc…) are first according to their own “JINS” hence Pen was created first in relevance to other Pens [Note: Here Mullah Ali Qari is beautifully explaining relative primacy] and the Nur [al-Muhammadi] was created prior to every other Nur. It is also proven that Arsh was created prior to heavens and earth and all this will be attributed towards one meaning as the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: “The First thing which Allah created was my Nur” and It has also come in another report thatIt was his “RUH” and both of them “HAVE SAME MEANING BECAUSE SPIRITS ARE CREATED FROM NUR[Mullah Ali Qari in Mirqat, Sharh al-Mishqaat (1/290), Published by Dar ul Fikr, Beirut, Lebanon]
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    Asalamo alaykum wa rahmatullah,
    Do you have the quote from Mirqat Al Mishkat by Mullah Ali Qari (RaheemAllah) which goes along the lines of Haqeeqi Noor-e-Muhammadi (Salalaho alayhi wassalam) i beleive its in volume 1 but i have never been able to find it. The hadith أول ما خلق الله تعالى نوري is in there aswell but its been quoted many times masha'Allah, Allahu Alim to where the Haqeeqi noor quote is. Any help would be great. JazakAllah khair.
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    there is a hadith in jami tirmidi that Allah created the Pen first and ordered it to write all that had happened before and all that will happen. a man asked mawlana sa'eed as'ad that this proves the noor of Rasulullah sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam is not the first creation.

    mawlana as'ad then quoted imam mulla 'ali qari (i believe from mirqat sharh mishkat) that when the hadith mentions all that had happened before, this refers to it writing about the noor e muhammadi. the hadith mentions the Pen as the awwal makhluq, this is majazi. asli awwal makhluq is noor e muhammadi 'ala afdalus salat wa akmalut tahiyyaat.
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