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Discussion in 'Tarikh' started by faqir, Oct 15, 2005.

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  1. faqir

    faqir Veteran

    Asalamu alaykum akhi,

    Nope I wasn't - could you expand on what you mentioned?

    I am more interested in what Shaykh Abu Ya'la al Khalil ibn 'Abd Allah al Khalili al Qazwini's status is as an authority on Hadith.

    What did the Ulema say about his scholarship in this field?

    The reason is that some "salafi" whilst pathetically trying to discredit the authenticity of a certain hadith recently came out with the following excuse:

    "However, al-Khalili, with all due respect to him, is not a major authority on names of narrators; unlike, say, al-Bukhair himself, or Ibn Abi Hatim. Both of these authorites, who were two centuries earlier than al-Khalili, considered Malik [al-Dar] to be unknown."

    Now, of course I know that the "salafi" is talking nonsense but I would be grateful if anyone has a short biography of the shaykh or anything relevant to his status as a scholar of hadith.

    JazakAllah khair.

  2. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    ah, well.

    are you perchance hinting at the anthropomorphic references that go back to the Hadith master abu ya'ala? those ones your new friends quote in their `aqidah and appear to strengthen ibn taymiyyah's heresies?
  3. faqir

    faqir Veteran

    Asalamu alaykum,

    Akhi, have you got any further information on the shaykh?

    JazakAllah khair.
  4. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    Syedina al Sharif 'Ali ibn Muhammad al Jurjani :ra:

    Syedina Ebrahim ibn Muhammad al Juwayni :ra:

    Syedina Ebrahim ibn Ya'qoub al Jawzjani :ra:

    Syedina Abu Ya'la al Khalil ibn 'Abd Allah al Khalili al Qazwini :ra:

    Syedina Abu Tahir Ahmed ibn Muhammad al Silafi al Esfahani :ra:

    Syedina Abu Sulayman Hamad al Khattabi al Busti :ra:

    Syedina Abu Musa Muhammad ibn 'Umar al Madini al Esfahani :ra:

    Syedina Abu Turab Nakhshabi :ra:

    Syedina Sheikh Abu 'Amr Istakhri :ra:

    Syedina Sheikh Abu Ishaq Shaharyar Kazeruni :ra:

    Syedina Sheikh Najm al Din Tamat al Kobra Khivaqi :ra:

    Syedina 'Ali Lala al Ghaznawi :ra:

    Syedina Sheikh Ahmed Zakir Jawzaqani :ra:

    Syedina Abu 'Abd Allah Muhammad ibn Nasr al Marwazi :ra:

    Syedina Abu Qasim Tamam ibn Muhammad al Razi :ra:

    Syedina Muhammad ibn Husayn al Sharif al Razi :ra:

    Syedina Burhan al Din Abu Ishaq Ebrahim Sibt ibn al 'Ajami :ra:

    Syedina Abu al Khayr Badal ibn Abu al Ma'mar ibn Isma'il al Tabrezi :ra:

    Syedina Zayn al Din al Qazwini :ra:

    Syedina Sai'd al Ghaznawi :ra:

    Syedina Zahir al Din al Qari :ra: (teacher of Syedina Suhrawardi :ra: )

    Syedina Abu Ya'qoub al Zabuli :ra:

    Syedina Abu Hamid al Istakhri :ra:
  5. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    Syedina Jalal al Din Muhammad in Ahmed al Qazwini :ra:

    Syedina Abu Ishaq al Shirazi :ra:

    Syedina Imam al Furati :ra:

    Syedina Abu Sahl al Bastami :ra:

    Syedina Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allah al Khatib al Tabrezi :ra:

    Syedina Abu al Fath Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr al Maraghi :ra:

    Syedina Imam Abu Tahir al Fayruzabadi :ra:

    Syedina Abu Bakar al Qaffal al Marwazi :ra:

    Syedina al Husayn ibn Mas'ud al Baghawi :ra:

    Syedina Muhammad Fasih al Herati :ra:

    Syedina 'Ubayd Allah ibn 'Abd Allah Hakim al Haskani :ra:

    Syedina Abu Nasr Ahmed al Kalabadhi al Bukhari :ra:

    Syedina 'Uthman ibn al Salah al Shahrazuri :ra:

    Syedina Muhammad ibn 'Asim al Esfaryani al Thaqafi :ra:

    Syedina Abu Bakar Ahmad ibn Manjawayh al Esfahani :ra:

    Syedina 'Awanah Ya'qoub ibn Ishaq al Esfaryani :ra:

    Syedina al Husayn ibn Ebrahim al Juraqani al Hamadani :ra:
  6. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    Syedina Abu Layth Nasr ibn Muhammad al Thamarqandi :ra:

    Syedina Abu 'Ubayd Ahmed ibn Muhammad al Herati :ra:

    Syedina Imdad al Din al Qazwini :ra:

    Syedina 'Ala al Din al Qazwini :ra:

    Sydina Imam Yayha ibn Mukrim al Tabari :ra:

    Syedina Abu Bakar al Taftazani :ra:

    Syedina Sharf al Din al Herati :ra:

    Syedina Abu Nu'aym al Esfaryani :ra:

    Syedina Abu al 'Ala al Hamadani :ra:

    Syedina Ibn Mahmish :ra:

    Syedina Abu al Husayn ibn Bishran :ra:

    Syedina As'ad al Mihani :ra:

    Syedina ibn al Sam'ani al Marwazi :ra:

    Syedina Ahmed ibn Abd al Munim al Qazwini :ra:

    Syedina Sa'id al Din al Taftazani :ra:

    Syedina Jamal al Din al Qazvini :ra:

    Syedina 'Adud al Din 'Abd al Rahman ibn Ahmed 'Ayji al Shirazi :ra:

  7. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    Muhammad ibn 'AbdAllah saws :madina:

  8. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    Syedina Abu 'Abd Allah al Shafi'i al Esfahani :ra:

    Syedina Abu al Hasan al Tabari :ra:

    Syedatina Khadijah bin Muhammad al Shahjaniyya radziAllahu ta'ala 'anha

    Syedina Abu Zuhayr al Balkhi :ra:

    Syedina Sheikh Abu 'Abd Allah al Thaqafi al Jubari :ra:

    Syedina Abu Bakar Ahmed al Shirazi al Neyshapouri :ra:

    Syedina 'Ali ibn Sulayman ibn Dawud al Khatibi al Awzakandi :ra:

    Syedina Fadl Allah al Khayr al Mayhani :ra:

    Syedina Ibn Munazil al Malamati :ra:

    Syedina Abu 'Ali al Thaqafi al Khurasani :ra:

    Syedina Muhammad bin Yusuf al Neyshapouri al Qattan :ra:

    Syedina Abu Bakar Muhammad al Dawud al Neyshapouri :ra:

    Syedina Abu Muslim Ghalib ibn 'Ali al Razi :ra:

    Syedina Fakhr al Islam al Pazdawi :ra:

    Syedina Sadr al Islam al Pazdawi :ra:

    Syedina Muhammad ibn Nasr al Bukhari :ra:

    Syedina Abdullah ibn Ahmed al Nasafi :ra:

    Syedina al Husayn ibn Khidzr al Nasafi :ra:
  9. Wadood

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    Syedina Muhammad ibn al Fadzl al Bukhari :ra:

    Syedina 'Abd al Karim al Pazdawi :ra:

    Syedina Abu Sulayman Musa al Jawzjani :ra:

    Syedina Abu 'Abd Allah al Jurjani :ra: ( teacher of Imam Syedina Quduri :ra: )

    Syedina Ishaq ibn Ebrahim ibn Rahwaih :ra:

    Syedina 'Abd Allah ibn 'Ali ibn al Jarud Neyshapouri :ra:

    Syedina Abu Bakar Ahmed ibn Abu Khaythama al Nasa'i :ra:

    Syedina Abu Muhammad 'Abd Allah ibn 'Abd al Rahman al Darimi al Thamarqandi :ra:

    Syedina Abu Dawud Sulayman bin Dawud al Basri al Taylisi :ra:

    Syedina Abu 'Abd Allah Muhammad bin Yahya al Dzuli :ra:

    Syedina Sa'id bin Mansur bin Shu'ba al Marwazi al Taleqani :ra:

    Syedina 'Isam al Din al Esfaryani :ra:

    Syedina Sai'd al Din al Esfaryani :ra:

    Syedina 'Abd Allah al Baghawi :ra:

    Sydina Abu al Qasim al Esfahani :ra:

    Syedina Isma'il ibn Ahmed al Neyshapouri al Darir :ra:

    Syedina Abu al Faraj al Esfaryani :ra:

    Syedina Hibat Allah 'Abd al Warith al Shirazi :ra:

    Sheikh Muhammad bin 'Abd al Malik al Hamadani :ra:
  10. Wadood

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  11. Wadood

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    Syedina 'Umar ibn Ahmed Abu Hazim al 'Abdawi :ra:

    Syedina Abu Ma'mar al Isma'ili al Jurjani :ra:

    Syedina Abu Sahl al Sa'luki al 'Ijli al Neyshapouri :ra:

    Syedina Abu Zayd al Marwazi :ra:

    Syedina Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allah al Awdani al Bukhari :ra:

    Syedina Abu Bakar al Isma'ili al Jurjani :ra:

    Syedina Muhammad ibn 'Ali al Qaffal al Shashi :ra:

    Syedina 'Abd al Wahid Abu Muhammad al Qurashi al Zuhri :ra:

    Syedina Abu 'Abd al Rahman al Qattan al Shuruti :ra:

    Syedina Muhammad ibn al Husayn 'Abu 'Umar al Bastami :ra:

    Syedina 'Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Mila al Esfahani al Faradi :ra:

    Syedina Abu Bakar al Khawarizmi :ra:

    Syedina Abu al Mu'ayyad Khatib al Khawarizmi :ra:

    Syedina Abu Mansur Daylami Shahardad al Hamadani :ra:

    Syedina Abu 'Abd Allah ibn Hallad al Ramahurmuzi :ra:

    Imam al Zarkashi :ra:

    Sheikh al Zamakhshari
  12. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    Syedina Abu Bakar al Nasafi :ra:

    Syedina Imam Abu Bakar Ahmad al Jawzjani :ra:

    Syedina Abu al Farawis Shah bin Shuja' al Kermani :ra:

    Syedina Hamza al Esfahani :ra:

    Syedina 'Ali bin Musa al Qummi al Hanafi :ra:

    Syedina Ibrahim ibn Ahmed al Marwazi :ra:

    Syedina Abu al Walid al Neyshapouri :ra:

    Syedina Abu al 'Abbas ibn Surayj :ra:

    Sheikh Sibwaihi (among the most important Arabic Grammarians)

    Syedina al Khatib al Qazwini :ra:

    Syedina Abu Rashid Sa'id al Neyshapouri :ra:

    Sheikh Burhan al Din Imam 'Ali al Marghinani (composer of al Hidaya)

    Sheikh Ahmed bin Muhammad 'Ali Maskawah The Biologist The Sociologist

    Sheikh Jalal al Din Dawani al Farisi

    Syedina 'Ala al Din Thamarqandi :ra:

    Syedina Abu al Hasan 'Ali al Bazdawi :ra:

    Syedina Abu al Muzaffar As'ad al Karabisi al Neyshapouri :ra:

    Syedina Abu al 'Abbas Muhammad al Jurjani :ra:
  13. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran



    Syedina Shah Ni'matuAllah Wali al Mahani al Kermani :ra:
  14. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    Syedina Sheikh Ahmed Fahadan Esfenjardy :ra:

    Syedina Sheikh Dawud Nasarabadi :ra:

    Syedina Sheikh Zain al 'Abidin 'Ali al Khamosh :ra:

    Syedina Sheikh 'Abd al 'Abbas Nahavandi :ra:

    Syedina Sheikh al Islam Hasan ibn 'Attar Hafiz Abu al 'Ala' :ra:

    Syedina Maulana Hussain al Kashafi :ra:

    Syedina Zain al Din Abu Bakar al Taybadi :ra:

    Syedina Khawajah 'Aziz aLAllah Jami :ra:

    Syedina Mu'in al Din 'Ali bin Nasir Harun Hosseini Sarabi Tabrezi :ra:

    Syedina Rashid al Din Muhammad al Shirvani :ra:

    Syedina Imam Nasr ibn 'Ali al Hakimi al Tusi :ra:

    Syedina Abu al Fityan 'Umar al Ru'asi al Dahistani :ra:

    Syedina 'Abd Allah ibn Muhammad al Khawari :ra:

    Syedina Muhammad ibn Yahya al Suja'i al Zawzani :ra:

    Syedina Abu Nasr al Isma'ili al Jurjani :ra:

    Syedina Abu al Hasan al Bushanji al Neyshapouri :ra:

    Syedina Abu Nasr al Sijzi :ra:

    Syedatina Karima bint Ahmad al Marwazi radziAllahu 'anhaa

    Syedina al Khushmihani :ra:

    Syedina 'Abd Allah ibn al Mubarak al Khurasani :ra: (ibn al Mubarak)

  15. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    Syedina Habib al 'Ajami :ra:

    Syedina Abu Zur'a al Razi :ra:

    Syedina 'Abd Allah ibn Ja'far ibn Durustuyah al Farisi :ra:

    Syedina Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal al Marrwazi :ra: (disputed)

    Syedina Abu Bakar al Razi :ra:

    Syedina Abu Ishaq al Marwazi :ra:

    Syedina 'Adnan ibn 'Uthman al 'Ataki :ra:

    Syedina Yayha ibn Bakr al Muqri :ra:

    Syedina Ebrahim ibn Musa ibn Yazid al Razi :ra:

    Syedina Makki ibn Ebrahim al Balkhi :ra:

    Syedina Malik ibn Dinar :ra:

    Syedina Abu al Fadl al Hamadani :ra:

    Syedina Husayna ibn 'Ali al Neyshapouri :ra:

    Syedina Abu Hamid al Esfarayani :ra:

    Syedina Imam Muhammad ibn Hibban al Busti :ra: (ibn Hibban)

    Syedina Imam Ibn Khuzayma al Neyshapouri :ra: (ibn khuzayma)

    Sheikh ibn Qutayba

    Sheikh al Bahbahari al Hanbali
  16. Wadood

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  17. abu nibras

    abu nibras Staff Member

    assalm`alaikum Br Wadood,

    now you might have actually surpassed the number and names of shuyukh my father recites fateha over after his Fajr salah - maybe not :)

    I did not hear some of the names even from him.

    was salam,

    --abu nibras
  18. Wadood

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    Syedina Sharf al Din Bu 'Ali Shah Panipati :ra:

    Syedina Haji Sharif al Zandani :ra:

    Syedina Khawaja Abu Ahmed Abdal al Chishti :ra:

    Syedina Khawaja Abu Ishaq Chishti :ra: ( Chistiyyah Tariqah )

    Syedina Sheikh Syed Ni'matuAllah Hamadani :ra:

    Syedina Sheikh Qutub al Din Bakhtiyar al Ka'ki al Awashi Dehlawi :ra:

    Syedina al Syed Taj al Din Semnani al Kashmiri :ra:

    Syedina Muhammad Yusuf al Juwayani :ra:

    Syedina Abu Muhammad Habib bin Muhammad al Khurasani :ra:

    (Student of Syedina Hasan al Basri :ra: )

    Syedina al Syed Sharif al Din 'Abd al Rahman Kashmiri :ra: ( Bulbul e Kashmir )

    Syedina Ni'matu Allah al Farisi al Shirazi :ra:

    Syedina Zia al Din 'Abd al Qahir :ra:

    Syedina al Syed Hasan al Semnani al Kashmiri :ra:

    Syedina Nur al Din Ja'far Rustaq Badakhshani :ra:

    Syedina Ishaq al Khatlani :ra:

    Syedina Sheikh Abu al Miamin Najam al Din al 'Azani :ra:

    Syedina Sheikh Mahmud al Mizdaqani :ra:
  19. thanks wadood bhai!

    this is an amazing list....!!!
  20. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran


    Syedina Sheikh Abi 'Ali al Hasan Yasarajuwi :ra:

    Syedina Abu Zakariyyah Yahya bin 'Ali al Tabrezi :ra: (teacher of Ghawth al Adzam :ra: )

    Syedina Abu 'Uthman Isma'il al Esfahani :ra:

    Syedina Abu al Ana'im Muhammad al Farisi :ra:

    Syedina Badr al Din al Kashani :ra:

    Syedina 'Abd al Razaq al Kashani :ra:

    Syedina 'Iz al din Mahmud bin 'Ali Kashani Natanzi :ra:

    Syedina Nur al din 'Abd al Samad Isfahani Natanzi al Suhrawardi :ra:

    Syedina Kamal al Din Mas'ud Khojandi :ra:

    Syedina Abu al Makarem 'Ala al Dowleh Biabanki Semnani :ra:

    Syedina 'Abd Allah ibn 'Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Yahya Abu Nasr Saraj al Tusi :ra:

    Syedina Hakim Abu al Majed bin Adam Sana'i Qazvini :ra:

    Syedina Pir Jamal al Din Ahmad Ardestani :ra:

    Syedina Tahir Oryan Hamedani :ra:

    Syedina Husain bin Mu'in al Din al Maybudi :ra:(one of the many Ahle Sunna martyrs under ruthless Shi'a Safavis)

    Syedina Imam al Nisa'i al Khurasani :ra: (Composer of Sahih Nisa'i al Sharif )

    Syedina Wali al Din ibn 'Abd Allah al Tabrezi :ra: (composer of Mishkat al Masabih )

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