The rolling "r" sound

Discussion in 'Ulum al-Qur'an' started by naqshbandijamaati, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. yes abu fadl you're right! galloway does it well--actually i usually don't like the scootish ac-cent but George has an amazing voice!
  2. Abu Fadl

    Abu Fadl Banned

    unless you're from scotland. george galloway does it well.
  3. mabdullah

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    thats the one ....takrirrrrrrrrrr, Hamza Yusuf does it all the time... how is it done????where do place my tounge ??? ..and i have been told elsewhere not to exgerate past one in tajweed.. is that right??
  4. :)

    another LOTR fan!!
  5. Wadood

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    "My Lorrrd, there will be a time to grrieve forr Boromirrr, but it is not now. The enemy is at yourr doorrrrstep! Wherre arre Gondorrrr's arrrmies? As stewarrd you arre in charrge of the defence of the city! You still have frriends. Light the beacons of Minas Tirrith!"

    Gandalf the White

    I hope I got that dialog right. It was from memorry. I think I over-did the rrrolling
  6. yes it is rare to hear trilled Rs in English now; even amongst the upper classes. e.g. any recording of Tolkien (or Dylan Thomas or any one of that era) on
    youtube will make this trilling obvious. He says, "BoromiRR" (for Boromir) instead of the modern "Boromiya"!

    It's a sad loss.
  7. abu Hasan

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    takrir; and it should be avoided in rrreciting the qur'an.

    this is the way people in the east (middle-east/sub-continent) prronounce the letter R. and this trilled sound used to be in english as well, which has been now lost...if that is what you are asking about.
  8. Wadood

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    mashaAllah Shaykh Muhammad al-'AwDa, mashAllah. I noticed him sitting with Shaykh RamaDan al-Bouti hafizuhAllah ta'ala recently and liked his presentation.

    look at the graveyard. seems so peaceful and some of the graves shine
  9. mabdullah

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