The Sublime Treasures-Imam al-Haddad

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    Imam al-Haddad also answer a Zaydi Shiite scholar's questions on 'itizaal as well as those who rebelled against Mawla 'Ali karamAllahu wajhu.

    Imam al-Haddad clearly states

    1) That ahl al-sunnah state that Sayyiduna Zubayr raDyAllahu anhu and Sayyiduna Mu'awiya raDyAllahu anhu and those with them were wrong in their judgements and are excusable

    2) Those who rebelled can be said to be, at most, in general as sinners, nothing more. And we are not allowed the cursing of sinners specifically, but only in general. But, that there is no virtue in cursing the people at Siffin or the war in jamal.

    3) yazid was an adulterer, alcohol drinker, murderer, and neglected prayer, and that Allah will bring him to His justice [not us]

    4) Sayyiduna Mu'awiya raDyAllahu 'anhu is a companion of Habeeeb SalAllaho 'alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam.

    5) The people of 'Iraq did not help Imam al-Husayn raDyAllahu anhu. Those who hurt Imam al-Husayn, ordered the hurting, and assisted in it, may Allah bring them to His Justice.

    Observe how Imam al-Haddad raDyAllahu anhu refrained from cursing yazid, the people who attacked Imam al-Husayn raDyAllahu 'anhu, but advocated cursing just in general for sinners, transgressors
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    assalamu 'alaykum

    Dr MuSTafa al-Badawi's new book in the market, released last year, The Sublime Treasures, Imam al-Haddad raDyAllahu 'anhu. From this same publisher, fons vitae, he had published a previous great work, "Sufi Sage of Arabia", which is just an amaizing book!

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