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    Aims to:
    • Creating an electronic record of all available Indo-Islamic texts, and reintroducing these texts to modern readers, using a five-stage process including:
      1. bibliographic record-keeping
      2. preservation
      3. research
      4. publication
      5. translation into regional and foreign languages.
    • Developing an online system for learning the Urdu language.
    • Developing an interactive database for the study of classical Indo-Islamic texts.
    • Establishing a publishing house for translations of contemporary writings from and into the Urdu language.
    Creation of MA Farooqi, translator of the critically-acclaimed Adventures of Amir Hamzah :ra: into English. He is also, not that it matters, the great-grand-nephew of Ashraf Ali Thanvi by his own admission in the introduction to his translation of Dastan e Amir Hamzah.

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