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Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Aqdas, Jan 26, 2023.

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  1. Tariq Owaisi

    Tariq Owaisi Active Member

    It all depends on the khatib there is some who I am confident will deliver a khutba which I would benefit from. Unfortunately for me I don't read Jumuah at their establishments very often. Coupled with that is one's own state of mind and spirituality.

    I do get to hear the khutba of a couple of khatibs regularly. One delivers his khutba and tries to cover the issues often mentioned on here but he loses people's interest. The other is a much more complete and gifted scholar, son of a well respected Pir and has a lot of barakat in his learning (Allaah give him and his family more) but he glosses over things. However he always gives at least one tidbit of guidance, a sufi advice that I have always found relevant.

    So more important than the topic is calling people to Allaah and giving them advice of how to overcome the hurdles they may have become entangled in.
  2. Abdullah Ahmed

    Abdullah Ahmed Well-Known Member

    this was the inch

    this is the mile
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  3. Adham12

    Adham12 Active Member

    Your arbitrary classification of relevant and non relevant topics is very problematic and contradictory. You state atheism is relevant but evolution is not? Most atheists adhere to evolution to describe the origin of life. If we don't know how to counter evolution, we can easily lose many Muslims. Also, there are idiots out there that claim evolution can be valid within Islam. So it must be dealt with accordingly.

    Other points: How is learning about the Hanafi school relevant but knowledge of the unseen is not? Flawed to say the least.
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  4. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    false accusations. buhtaan.

    give me an example where the belief contradicted "indian barelvi" belief, but was still an ahl al-sunnah belief, YET we "criticised or ignored or mocked" that belief simply because it was not "exactly the same" as "indian barelvi belief". we will set the record straight. in sha'ALlah.

    how short is your memory? only a few days ago we have been 'defending' shaykh saeed foudeh who is not exactly a 'barelvi'.

    yes, if by "indian barelvi" you mean ahl al-sunnah, then they surely deserve to be mocked.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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  5. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    from some one who has been "lurking" about for long, that's a strange "impression" - to say the least.

    for all those who have issues with the content of this forum - at minimum they are extremely unfortunate, and the spectrum runs through to severly bigoted.

    speaking as someone who had been looking for truth long before they knew the existence of this forum - personally for me, stumbling upon it was no less than a major catharsis.

    those who come here with pre-concieved notions about what is right and wrong and expect to find their views and biases mirrored here, or else are too non-chalant and too deeply buried in dunyawi issues to care about the rights of Allah and His Messnenger (peace be upon him) - are bound to be let down.

    Most people here do not consider themselves "world building magicians" - they know full well that the ultimate decision belongs to Allah - so compromising on religious values just for fear of offending "modern" sensibilities won't work anyway. So why shoot ourselves in the foot - trying to pander to those who are not interested in the frist place?

    ok, so the modern youth doesn't care a whit if someone says that falsehood is not precluded from Divine Power - so what?

    Should we stop discussing it and refuting those who say such things - just because this cool guy finds it boring?

    What should we do then - post live soccer scores?

    I am sure that the thirsty will be lead to the well - when they seek.

    We are just trying to dig one....
  6. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Major fallacy.
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  7. AbuSulayman

    AbuSulayman Banned

    Here is what I think about this list. Please don't think of it as a personal attack. I am a Sunni but don't describe myself as a Barelwi just like Shaykh Asrar doesn't. Here is my view on how relevant each of your topics for khutba are in terms of importance for the common Muslim (awaam) in context of England. R = relevant. NR = non relevant. As a non scholar and a common, average, British Muslim these are my views. You are free to disagree.

    It is a good idea in theory. Whichever scholar was quoted who said that 'We just focus on debating deobandis and labeling everyone a kaafir...
    That's why people are not attracted to the teachings' was spot on. This forum is a perfect example of this kind of thinking. If someone isn't an Indian Barelvi with exactly the same beliefs he will be criticised or ignored or mocked.
  8. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    It's pretty much what I was trying to say.

    Don't downplay aqidah issues but don't discuss every week.
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  9. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Fair point.
  10. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    Some of these social topics are not suitable for wider audience to jumuah khutbas.

    For children (6-14 years old), who are often in attendance, it would be inappropriate. While these are openly discussed topics in schools (even primary & nursery) in UK, masajids are probably not the place for it. Equally it will make the target youths uncomfortable listening while seated among the elders (or so I think).

    Some of these topics can't be discussed except within same youth age cohort. But, I'm an old-fashioned, grey-haired person!
  11. Abdullah Ahmed

    Abdullah Ahmed Well-Known Member

    I shared this post above with another knowledgable brother very involved in deen work and more aware (than me, at least) of ground realities. I want to share his reply (he granted me permission) and know what your thoughts are:

    "The reality is that the majority of Muslims don't know what a "Sulh Kulli" is and our people continue to hammer away at issues that are not relevant at all to people's lives. That's why they are becoming less and less relevant. The person is talking about the "awam" but honestly, the Barelwis don't even know how to deal with the Awam and on a daily basis continue to lose people's interest...Pakistan is flying towards liberalism....if you anlayze who is the majority? It's the Barelwis and Ahle Sunnah...the buck stops there....wisdom is rarely used.
    Also, our people exaggerate way too much...

    The core tenets of faith are what should be focused on...all of these secondary debate issues...they are important, but not when people are not praying, on drugs, watching porn all day and killing each other over properties. We've let other sects become specialists over the CORE beliefs of Islam....and we spend most of our time arguing and debating
    People need closeness to Allah, to reflect on Akhira, to listen to Seerah and stories of the Prophets (peace be up them), wisdom of why certain things are sin, how to behave with their families, etc...
    We just focus on debating deobandis and labeling everyone a kaafir...
    That's why people are not attracted to the teachings"
  12. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

  13. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member


    Dear scholars,

    When you speak, always consider the laity (awaam). Give them an inch and they'll take a mile.

    When you talk about the priorities of ulama AND THEN conflate social ills with aqidah ones and PRIORITISE social problems whilst downplaying core aqidah points - what will the layman take away?

    Exactly that anyone who now talks about these aqidah issues is not with the times!

    You're giving a heyday to sulh kullis. Those that fail to recognise deobandis as being outside Ahlu's Sunnah will share your words endlessly as you've given them ample ammunition.

    If you want to highlight social ills, do so. We all should, nay, MUST. But where's your wisdom that the Qur'an calls for? You're preaching to awaam, don't forget. They'll take your conflation and shout: 'no more need to defend that Allah ta'ala is free from falsehood. Shaykh said we must talk about drugs and alcohol instead.'

    This is typical filibuster.

    And if you must compare, why use those examples that are from the necessities of Ahlu's Sunnah? Why couldn't you talk about actual secondary and tertiary issues? Why didn't you say: 'there's a bigger priority to tackle social ills than debate about raf' al-yadayn.'

    (And by the way, don't prioritise it, but do tell us your views on deobandis who to this day write and believe lying is included within Divine Power. Take your time, don't prioritise).

    Also, do tell us what's more important: aqidah or actions? Is it acceptable that a man believes lying to be included within Divine Power but he stays away from drugs and alcohol?

    Are only societal ills ills? Aren't aqidah ills ills?

    Like I said, no one is saying highlighting societal ills isn't important. But there are ways to do it. Creating a standoff between aqidah and social ills truly downplays obligatory aqidah points.

    A better statement would be:

    'Use your jumu'ah khutbah effectively. Alongside critical aqidah points such as refuting the mutazilite heresy that Allah ta'ala can lie and which deobandis have revived and that believing Ali to be superior to Abu Bakr is innovation - our khatibs should also use the 52 Friday's in a year to highlight drug problems, alcohol, fornication, gambling. These societal ills surround us and plague every other Muslim home.

    Atheism, Darwinism, perennialism, sulh kullism are also rife. Our khatibs should highlight these too.

    Use the 52 weeks to cover as many pressing issues as possible.'

    See, with the above, nothing is downplayed. Sulh kullis don't have a field day. Simultaneously, those khatibs who never touch on drugs and alcohol are also given a shake up whilst the primary importance of aqidah is maintained.

    Allah ta'ala grant us wisdom.
    Allah ta'ala Knows best.
  14. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    People have been talking about priorities so I have listed 52 topics for them so that they are sorted for the whole year.

    Please add your own, disagree, whatever.


    1. LGBT
    2. Concept of Jihad
    3. Does Islam oppress women?
    4. Alcohol
    5. Drugs
    6. Fornication/emotional affairs
    7. Harms of social media
    8. Parent's rights
    9. Children's rights
    10. Wife's rights
    11. Husband's rights
    12. Caring for environment
    13. Personal hygiene
    14. Harms of devices
    15. Peer pressure
    16. Tobacco/cigarettes/ecigs
    17. Pornography
    18. Divorce
    19. Hijab
    20. Islamic dress code
    21. Marriage
    22. Feminism
    23. How to celebrate Eid
    24. Fraud
    25. Joyriding


    26. Tawhid
    27. Anthropomorphism
    28. Imkan al-kadhib
    29. Perennialism
    30. Atheism
    31. Evolution
    32. Infallibility of Quran
    33. Objections on the Sirah
    34. Sulh kullism
    35. Sunni principles about sahabah
    36. Tafdil al-shaykhayn
    37. Defending Mawla Ali against nasibis
    38. Amir Muawiyah
    39. Istighathah
    40. Tawassul
    41. Mawlid
    42. Ya RasulAllah ﷺ
    43. Knowledge of unseen
    44. Prophets are alive
    45. Critical thinking and spotting a fake shaykh
    46. Taqlid
    47. Taqlid shakhsi
    48. The Hanafi school
    49. Deobandism
    50. Finality of prophethood


    51. Why shariah is superior
    52. The Muslim concept of God is correct
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