Virtues of conveying Sawab

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    Refulgent Tray

    When anyone sends the sawab of good deeds to a deceased person, Jibrail Alayhisalaam places the sawab in a refulgent tray and stands with it near the grave and says, 'O dweller of this grave! Your kin has sent a gift, recieve it.' On hearing this, he becomes happy whereas his neighbours (the deceased of his neighbouring graves) feel grieved on their deprivation. (Sharah-us sudur, p. 308)
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    Refulgent Attire

    Once a saint saw his deceased brother in a dream and asked, 'Does the supplication of the living people reach you (the dead)?' He replied, 'Yes. By Allah Azzawajal! The supplication comes to us in the form of refulgent attire that we wear.' ( Sharah- us- sudur, p. 305)
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    Sawab Equal to the number of Deceased

    The one who recites Surah al- Ikhlas eleven times in a graveyard and sends its sawab to the dead, he will get the recompense equal to the number of all the dead (buried in the graveyard).
    ( kashf- ul- khifa, pp. 252, vol. 2, Hadis 2629)
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    Excellence of supplicating for forgiveness of others.

    Anyone Makes the supplication of forgiveness for all the Muslims men and women, Allah Azzawajal writes a virtue for him in return for each and every Muslim men and women. ( Majma-uz- zawaid, pp. 352, vol. 10, Hadis 1759)
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    Waiting for Isal Sawab

    The beautiful, beloved and blessed Prophet ﷺ said, The state of a deceased person in his grave is like that of a drowning man; he waits anxiously for supplication from his father, mother, brother or friend; when anyone's supplication reaches him, he finds it better than the world & whatever is in it. Allah Azzawajal bestows the sawab gifted by alive relatives upon the deceased like mountains. The gift of the alive to the dead is to say prayer of forgiveness for them. (Shu'ab- ul-iman, pp. 203, vol. 6, Hadis 7905)
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    The blessings of Du'a (Supplications)

    The Holy Prophet ﷺ said, 'My ummah will enter their graves with sins but they will come out of their graves without sins, as their sins are forgiven by the virtue of the supplications of the Muslims.' (Mu'jam awsat, pp. 509, vol. 1, Hadis 1879)
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