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    What about in the case of people who have moved for university, for example? They're not planning to reside at the new place forever necessarily but maybe for a number of years. The bulk of their possessions will remain in the home of their parents, which they visit intermittently.

    What about a person with the same circumstances but he has moved for work? Are both places now watn asli, such that in the second place, he does not perform qasr salah even if he's staying less than 15 days at a time?
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    Well you “moved,” meaning you’ve settled in Manchester as a full time resident of that property , making your original home your brother’s home. So it seems to be self evident you’d pray 2 if are to stay at your old house (some 70 miles away ) for the duration of a visitor (less than 15 days).
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    I was born in Birmingham. I moved to Manchester. My father still has a home in Birmingham but now lives in Manchester. My brother still lives in Birmingham.

    What do I pray when I go to Birmingham? 2 or 4 rakahs?

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