What are the points to follow in order to protect the îmân?

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    Îmân is defined as certifying it with the heart and confirming it by word of mouth. One is not a Muslim unless one certifies it with one’s heart.

    The Kalima-i shahâdat necessitates believing in Allahu ta’âlâ’s existence, His Oneness and there being no ilâh other than He, also believing that Muhammad (‘alaihis-salâm) is His Messenger and His Last Prophet. It also necessitates believing in and liking all of what the Holy Prophet communicated. Indeed, saying “There was such a Prophet”, like narrating a historical event, does not constitute îmân. Îmân must be as follows: “I believe and like that exalted Prophet and all of what he communicated. All of them are true. There is not even a shadow of doubt that they may be wrong.” As is seen, one has to believe in all the six tenets of belief in the Âmantu. One is not a Muslim unless one believes in them; what is more, one still isn’t a Muslim if one does not like them after believing. Likewise, one who does not accept one of the six fundamentals of îmân or who does not accept and like one of the commonly-known fards, sunnats, or harâms in the religion is not a Muslim. One has to accept and like Islam as a whole.
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    Îmân is like a five-storey castle. It consists of copper storey, iron storey, bronze storey, silver storey, and gold storey.
    1. Copper storey is âdâb.
    2. Iron storey is sunnats.
    3. Bronze storey is fards.
    4. Silver storey is ikhlâs.
    5. Gold storey is spiritual closeness to Allahu ta’âlâ.

    If you do not observe âdâb, you cannot find a way to sunnats. If you do not observe sunnats, you cannot find a way to fards. If you do not observe fards, you cannot find a way to ikhlâs. If you do not have ikhlâs, you cannot find a way to attain the love of Allah.

    This means to say that in order to reach the top, that is, the fifth storey, you should pass the first, second, third, and fourth storeys one by one. One cannot reach the top in a flash without passing the others.

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