What have the Barelwis achieved?

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    Many of our scholars and sunni brothers have and continue to distribute works of iARK and other sunni scholars in middle east. In the past, some of the scholars have been arrested if they were seen carrying “bareilvi” books to saudi. There are many brothers who are sincerely and humbly working behind scenes. Some of these books are being translated in syria. Just because you are not in the loop and out of touch doesn’t mean this work is not being done. Not everyone wants to display their work and contributions on twitter, youtube etc.

    There was a point in time the criticism was “there is a need for english literature in the sunni community.” We have come a long way from that day to the present. Many of our sunni-bareilvi scholars who are well-versed in the english language have done numerous translations - alhumdulillah. Likes of Mawlana Abu Hasan, Janab Aaqib Farid Saheb (may Allah grant him the highest station in Jannah), Kalim (bolton), Muhammad Husein, Mawlana Afthab, other sunni translators and et Al. Credit to our bareilvi-scholars for shortening this gap. Other than scholars and students of knowledge, what is the ratio/percentage of people understanding arabic?

    Today, even non-english speaking countries are searching for english speaking scholars and literature. The modern trend is: they go to middle east, study few books and comeback as mujadids/revivers of deen. They’ve never seen the struggles of our bareilvi-scholars in the west and how they’ve tirelessly worked to grow our communities when they left their homelands to spread the deen. Yes they are not perfect and there are flaws within our communities and we don’t have our priorities in order. But what right does it give to these keyboard warriors to erase the legacy of these hard working bareilvi-scholars? Many worked on wages below the poverty line but that didn’t deter them to spread the deen because to them all that mattered was safeguarding our eimaan. What struggles have the modern graduates faced? What is their real contribution? Use name of iARK to gain followers in bareilvi mosques and then start pointing out their flaws while not accomplishing anything themselves.

    It’s easy to point fingers and hide behind aliases on social networks and criticize the hand that once fed you. It’s easy to pick passages of bareilvi-scholars when it fits you and then present it to the audience on twitter who don’t even know ~90% of these scholars. These type of people are the exact reason why we have extremists in sunni circles whether it be ridawis, ashrafi, naqshbandi etc. These types of brothers give birth to extremists.

    If they are genuinely worried about sunniyat then why are they hiding behind pseudonyms? Majority of these keyboard warriors haven’t even completed dars e nizami and they come out swinging at senior scholars. All because someone may have hurt them at a personal level and now they are just out to seek revenge at the expense of bareilvi community. Why not use that energy to make a positive change in the areas where you see a gap?

    May Allah forgive us all and unite us to sincerely work for Ahle Sunnah.
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