What is Loh-e-Mahfooz (Preserved Scripturum)?

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  1. Bro Ghalib

    No i haven't. I asked if it was a translation as the English didn't seem quite right...
  2. huseyin

    huseyin Guest

    we shouldn't say mind of God
  3. Ghalib

    Ghalib Guest

    yes sidi. it is a translation and if remember accurately, it is from the book "Muraqebah" (i'll conform it inshaAllah).

    please check this site http://bibleocean.com/OmniDefinition/Azeemia and click on the links given at the end of the page. somewhere you will find his translated books + urdu books.

    PS: bro, have you got my PM?
  4. :s1:

    No no! I am not criticising the learned man at all (who the heck am I to criticise anyone? Pot. Kettle. Black.; Let he who has not sinned...etc.) just the words used appeared a bit problematic. I am not criticising the ideas at all.

    Is this an Urdu book translated into English?
  5. Ghalib

    Ghalib Guest

    salamu alaikum

    those who have read his books can understand his way of writing which is to make easy for his reader to understand what subject is being talked about. i also felt uncomfortable when i began to read his books but as the flows went on one could easily find that "that's" not the case. it is just to give an idea. i've probably read all his books. no where i can say he has a slight touch of salafism or anthropomorphism. yes when he newly stepped in the mujahida he had some salafi aqaid which he threw away once he himself encountered spiritual events before his eyes.

    like he says "i had different aqaid about reciting salam while standing, but when i saw that the Prophet :saw; himself was present in a milad event at our neighbourhood i automatically stood up like a robot and threw away all batil aqaid" ...........(a paraphrase).
    another qoute "ask! ask the Prophet :saw: He :saw: will give you as He :saw: is rehmat ullil alameen" (again paraphrase). there are a lot of examples like these.

    yes, and yet he is not a classical sunni writer and you, of course, have the right to differ.

    and Allah and His Rasul :saw: knows best
  6. A lot of anthropomorphic ideas in this extract from the learned writer which make me uncomfortable e.g. "mind" of God.
  7. Ghalib

    Ghalib Guest

    by Khuwaja Shams uddin Azeemi

    Universe is such a program that existed and exists in the Mind of God. When God wished to get this program enacted and desired that countless creatures should display themselves according to His program, He told them to be, i.e. He said, “Be (Kun)!” When God uttered kun, all that was there in the mind of God, inscribed upon a screen in the form of definite features of the creatures. The screen upon which the whole program and the characters through which the program is to be carried out are inscribed, in the religious terms is called ‘the Preserved Scripturum’ (Loh-e-Mehfooz).

    The more one grows mature and gets involved in his surroundings, the closer he gets to the reality of the structural formation of things around him. It means that the whole programming of the universe is found in the human mind in a unified form but one cannot see this program only because one does not get a chance to be empty minded. The onrush of thoughts related to with the surrounding environment is permeating the mind and one seldom gets away from them to get a vacated mind, the only condition to acquaint with the higher level of intelligence. So as a matter of law, the more one concentrates consciously on an object, the more facts and realities are revealed upon him according to the degree of his concentration and ability to remain attentive in that particular direction. Read full article here.

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