what's the weirdest (halal) thing you've eaten?

Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by Aqdas, May 23, 2007.

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  1. Aqdas

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  2. Aqdas

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    yes, i was thinking where amroha was, now i know. but what about mawlana irshad aHmad rizwi?
  3. abu Hasan

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    the sayyids are from amroha in india so the weirdness must have been carried over..
  4. Aqdas

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    you laughed at me, didn't you? well, take this. i had the opportunity last night at a gyarhweeN sharif gathering to do dast bosi [twice] and serve langar sharif to 'allama sayyid Hamid sa'eed kazmi ibn imam-e-ahle sunnat sayyid aHmad sa'eed kazmi. what a magnificent scholar and man. when you hear him talk; he reminds one of the intellect of his father, raHimahullah.

    anyway, while he was eating the meethe chawal, another scholar, 'allama irshad aHmad rizwi, poured the meethe chawal into the bowl he had taken gosht ka saalan in. sayyid sahib saw this and said that someone once saw sayyid sahib eating meethe chawal and asked, "do you not know how to eat zarda?" sayyid sahib was confused. the questioner then added saalan to the zarda and it was very much to the liking of sayyid sahib. 'allama irshad aHmad rizwi agreed.

    weird indians, you ask?
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  5. thanks for the info. :)
  6. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    in tanwir al-absar, durr al-mukhtar, Hashiyah TaHTawi, yanabiy, badayiy, radd al-muhtar all cross-referenced from fatawa ar-ridawiyyah:

    in durr al-mukhtar [see the last pages under kitab ash-shatta / miscellany]

    idha ma dhukkiyat shatun fa kul-ha
    siwa sab'in fa fihinna'l wabaalu
    fa Haa-un, thumma khaa-un thumma ghaynu
    wa daal-un, thumma meemani wa dhaalu

    when a sheep has been cleansed [slaughtered islamically, legitimate dhabihah], then eat everything from it
    except seven - there is a hazard and evil in these [seven];
    they are the Haa, khaa, ghayn
    daal, the two meem and dhaal

    there are 7 parts in a islamically slaughtered animal [the texts mention sheep, but obviously, it is the same for all other animals] - an animal that is made Halal:

    1. Haa/Hayah: the pudenda (reproductory/excretory organs)

    2. Kha/khusyah: the testicles

    3. ghayn/ghuddah: glands (the white tubular structures, spinal-cord etc.)

    4. daal/dam' masfuH: flowing blood

    5. meem1/mararah : gall bladder

    6. meem2/mathanah: urinary bladder

    7. dhaal/dhakar: the external genital of the male species. [specifically added though included in the first]

    alaHazrat adds many others upto 22 which are makruh [tahrima]; this extended list includes intestines am'aa and ojhRi, the stomach.

    it is prudent to add that barring the 7 mentioned above, all others mentioned by alaHazrat have been debated upon. alaHazrat's position is the most careful one [ahwaT] and which i prefer to follow.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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  7. in punjabi -- potohari dialect--makri is locust.
  8. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    the reasoning, if you read that fatwa carefully - the first fatwa in aHkam e shariat - prawns are considered Halal because they are classified as a kind of fish by some, and not by some others. hence it is better to avoid, though not Haram.

    for 'parts' in an animal that can be eaten, not all parts are Halal as you shall see shortly. inshaAllah.

    makri is locust? i thought TiDDi was, and makri was spider.
  9. talking of exotic things to eat i have heard my parents talk about some guy in their village who used to eat live locusts [makri] since it is halal. yuck!
  10. lol. i don't no wots appind too my spilling.

    the last point wasn't intended as a joke [about the trendy south indian restaurant] but you might find it funny.
  11. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    okay, asif. i GOT your joke and i replied accordingly.

    if you go back and read the posts in order, it implies something about aqdas instead of the wahabis on whom your dig was directed - that is why i said 'inadvertent' and 'unintended'. as such, i just said that a clarification would be just fine - nobody asked you to shun your pun.

    what is the matter with your spelling these days? isn't it asifatoada?

    it would have been even better if you heard it; and best if you seed it.

    oh! isn't it a normal practice then, to write a commentary and marginalia on jokes as well?

    sigh! is this also a joke?
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  12. abu nibras bhai, being serious for once, i shared accomodation with some indians from india a few years ago, and i found that i had much more in common with the non muslim indian from delhi than the muslim from hyderabad or madras. those people were culturally totally different whereas north indians are virtually indistinguishable from pakistanis...
  13. sidi AH:

    you wrote under 'sheep's testicles--not permissible.
    can you tell me why please? if a sheep is halal, and killed in a halal manner, then surely all its parts are halal to eat too?

    i know there is difference of opinion about seafood in hanafi fiqh but for prawns ala hazrat has just written it is 'khilaaf e awla'...

    yes there is tripe in europe but in england apart from people from yorkshire i don't know anyone who would eat it (and old scots of course). it is regarded even amongst people who do eat it as peasant food! the french and germans on the other hand...
  14. abu nibras

    abu nibras Staff Member

    sorry from going from what is considered wierd to mixing it up with exotic ( both from the western sense btw) . i may have eaten other things which i think are pretty normal but may fall onto the wierd list for some.

    ahem, one of my pakistani roommates once said, when I looked at him when he made one such comment - tum nahiN yaar tum to hamare jaise bilkul pakistani lagte ho, by indians I mean woh kaale waley south indians. ;)
  15. :s1:

    my God! what has happened to sunniport moderators today? have you all lost your humour gene? brother aH, my comment about indians being a bit weird was a joke and not meant seriously; in fact i thought it was so obvious from the context that it couldn't possibly be mistaken. sadly, i thought wrong. the 'weird' was at mixing sweet rice with spicy saalan. not at being indian.

    mere bhai, rest assured i do NOT really think indians are weird at all, in fact i admire india greatly [apart from your cricketers and the fact that south indians transmit the smell of heeng [asafitoeda], lick food off their palms and waggle their heads from side to side when they mean 'yes' ! -JOKE!] and it is one of the places i would like to live. to be honest, i here india is really cool and bombay is supposed to have a great social scene. one of my friends recently came back from goa and bombay [she is british pakistani] and said she had the time of her life. so there. :D

    now for the langoor comment: aqdas made a comment about langar and, since we were punning, i changed langar to langoor. a brother had said that he doesn't see aqdas at the milad langar in his mosque. i said langoors [meaning wahabis/deobandits] don't go to milaad..i was NOT implying that sidi aqdas, whom i love as a brother, is one of those...nauzubillah.

    get it?
    man, the problem with having to explain a joke is it loses its fun.

    p.s. about south indian food i tried it once at a trendy south indian restaurant in london and it was too vegetarian/vegan for my carniverous panjabi tastes.
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  16. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    i used to scoff at those who stereotype pakistanis that they have a low opinion about indians; [much like americans about the rest of the world] but at least nj seems to fit the bill.

    go down south brother [mysore/bangalore/hyderabad/] and you will taste some of the finest dishes in the subcontinent. and yes, doffing preconceived notions will help in reducing the shock.
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  17. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    though inadvertent and unintended, nj got carried away, and has insulted a brother. a clarification would help.

    also for the record, let us not forget the prophet's sunnah. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. which is beautifully described by alaHazrat:

    kul jahaN milk aur jau ki roTi ghiza
    us shikam ki qana'at pey lakhoN salam.

    the whole world is his dominion; and he chooses to eat coarse bread
    a billion salutations on the contentment of his blessed stomach.

    wa's salam.
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  18. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    wow, so many gourmets around! but i am surprised at abu nibras' short list - inspite of coming from hyderabad! and i am still more surprised at the bad influence he has picked up from the deobandis. he starts about weird foods and strays somewhere else.

    asking his own question, why is camel meat 'weird'?

    again weird is relative; you can find nice snake dishes in the far east and insect cookies too. dog meat is a delicacy in some place but weird by which standards? i suppose by islamic standards and then,

    not weird but halal, i think.

    not permissible.

    makruh (alaHazrat argues that the makruh is strong; shall check the fatawa for confirmation) it is not weird even in the west;you must have heard of tripe for sure.

    i don't know if it can be classified as fish. taxonomically, it is a mollusc and perhaps allowed by those who allow oysters. for Hanafis it is Haram - the rule for Hanafis is not like what asif has mistaken; not every seafood is Halal. on the contrary, only fish from sea-animals is allowed. therefore crabs and lobsters are also no-no. shafiyis are bit more permissive in this regard. Allah ta'ala knows best.

    not very disgusting; i have tasted it a couple of times and it is not that bad, nor very smelly. as such, i don't like anything except meat.

    rabbit, camel, deer: tasted the first two, and even deer perhaps when i was small; but it is banned in india and a criminal offence to buy sell or do anything with deer meat.

    sheep tongue, ox tongue and eyes: i know people who eat it, but i don't think i can ever bring myself to eat it. errmm...a moment....

    kibbeh: common in shami cuisine, and a tasty one; my favorite at shami [syrian/lebanese/palestinian] iftars. it is stuffed mince in an oval made of probably breadcrumbs and mince, deep fried in oil. wait a minute.........here it is! hmm the article talks of crust and reminds me of other kibbehs too.
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  19. sidi shakil, you never see langoors at milad--they think it is a bida'!
  20. Shakil

    Shakil New Member

    sidi Aqdas - Talking about food . i never seen you at the Langar for our Milad at smethwick masjid.

    I tried crisps in a sandwich once. I wont recommend it..

    Melted cheese in a cob is much nicer...

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