where's we going?

Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by Unbeknown, Mar 22, 2018.

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  1. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    as Iqbal warned us:

    Nazar Ko Kheerah Karti Hai Chamak Tehzeeb-E-Hazir Ki
    Ye Sana'ee Magar Jhoote Nagon Ki Rezakari Hai

    The glitter of modern "culture" be-dazzles the eye
    But this jewel-craft deals in artefacts of false gems


    "And what is the life of this world but chattels of deception"
  2. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    another thing to bear in mind is that these "wonderlands" are built on the blood and bones of Muslims in the Middle-East and elsewhere.

    Without the free flow of natural-resources, these "developments" would have been all but impossible.

    But, as I always remind myself, the last laugh is for us and the last joke is on them.

    in sha Allah ta'ala
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  3. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator


    Do I even want to live in this "glittering future"?

    Oh, these advertisements to hell remind of this old joke.

    WARNING: the joke is kufr and I have not posted it for a laugh.

    But there is the hadith on the lines that hell is surrounded with pleasant things and luxuries whereas heaven is surrounded with thorns and hardships.

    Ergo, the road to hell is a smooth joy-ride, be-lighted and dazzling, a veritable fantasy-land.

    The road to heaven demands patience and perseverance and strong faith. But Allah ta'ala makes it easy for those for whom He Wills.

    na's al Allahu al 'aafiyah
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