Who is Ahmad Dabbagh?

Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by Aqdas, Mar 3, 2017.

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    hasan92, no response from you. i'm gonna ban you tomorrow.

    comeback with another id and continue your shamelessness, that's all you sick-hearts people do.
  4. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    you are willing to travel to the other parts of the world, even if you have to sell your property, but you can't watch a video on youtube, and read a book on your laptop or tablet. aren't you a patent liar? which method is easy to find the truth.

    actually, you want to make your cult therefore your visits to other parts of the world are only for marketing, it is obvious that you are mr. D. you couldn't find a shaykh anywhere because you weren't looking for one, you are on a hunt for more followers.

    yes, we are your employees or murideen who will take orders from you. tahir padri too is alive and he conducted his wembley interfaith conference while his soul still in his body, though i cannot say anything about his heart and aql. that conference is available on youtube, and criticism on him is available on internet too. what is easy for you to gain information?

    which you can very easily verify by doing what i asked (watch and read, will take few hours only). don't you see that you are plainly lying. you know everything, but your objective was something else which all brothers have noticed.

    you are dead actually.
  5. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    2 more days you can visit this forum mr. D. We aren't forcing anything to you, we are simply going to expel you from here.
  6. Brother Barry

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    Lol hardliners... you really are deluded pal, salafis, wobs, terrorists. .. lool you really are clutching at straws now, I guess thats what people like you do when your clip is empty without you realising it lol

    You're one of those individuals H92 that talks complete tawoddel whiles trying to promote your poster boys, when u get called out you try turn it around on everyone else.. the bottom line is you weren't sincere from the beginning I believe, you came with a agenda, didn't manage to pull it off & now you've thrown your toys out of your pram by trying to tar everyone here as extreme when the only extremist I see is you due to you being extremely idiotic in your games... the forum will not miss you & you certainly had nothing worthwhile to contribute to it so far.

    so good riddance as far as im concerned
  7. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    have fun on the journey of spirit cruise ship and stay safe from the uuhlltraa terroriiiisst!

    he's a big bad meanie and as legend has it, does his rounds on cruise ships on a full moon night!

    do remember you should pray Zuhr and qasr on a journey. you're exempted from Jumu3ah en voyage. cheers :)
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  8. hassan92

    hassan92 Banned

    You have started using the language of the ignorants eg "idiots" and other words
    and also threatening to ban me if I do not see what you want me to see and also confused by saying that I am minhaji, a jinn, Dabbagh and ignorant.

    So I say what the Quran says to say to people like you "salaam". It seems knowingly or unknowingly you are supporting the ultra terrorist Wahhabi/Salafi groups and are mouth piece for them because you are speaking against every scholar who is peaceful and moderate from the globe. You are hiding under the shade of would be ahlusunnah.

    You would not hear from me. You are not worth asking for advice because your agenda is to oppose the peace loving voices of Islamic scholars and support the hardliners.
  9. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    oh, and i forgot the most important thing.

    we Sunnis should beware of this major fallacy of these post-modern cults of baptized-sufis

    according to these idiots, the Ulama of Ahlus Sunnah of the world are restricted to just some 30-40 shaykhs who are mostly popular on google, youtube, western tabloid rags, and intel-agency controlled news channels.

    alhamdulillah the Ulama of the Ahlus Sunnah of the world are far too great to cramp into google, youtube, western university auditoriums, whitehouse auditoriums, the commons chamber, the albert hall and other such online and offline venues - great in numbers, great in their knowledge of deen and spirituality, great in their humility, great in their prestige and honor amongst Muslims and a whole lot more - too great to fit into these little snake-holes of the enemies of Islam.

    take a casual stroll on the streets of the Muslim world and you will easily see hundreds of thousands of gems of scholars who don't sport the pretense of tahir or hanson or keller or jifry or ninowy or nazim and so on, and yet are so much more advanced in knowledge and spirituality.

    speaking against an organized nexus of some select few dajjal-baptized zanadiq is NOT speaking against the Ulama of the Ahlus Sunnah of the world
  10. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    You're asking people to go check Padri supporting Dabbagh out on ur behalf is like requesting us to go try some heroin out and then give you some feedback if it's detrimental or not
  11. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    I think H92 is a Minhaji, you mentioned padri yourself well before any of us mentioned his name or posted any videos of Dabag & Padri promotions. Then conveniently you claim to not have heard of him...

    From person experience I've noticed minhajis throw the name of Shaykh Ilyas into conversations that are about padri and his ridiculous antics, You people try to sidetrack the individual condemning padri by bringing shaykh ilyas into the game, the fact is Shaykh Ilyas is a diamond amongst the ulama of Ahle Haq... padri, jifri, Hamza & the rest of the wishy washy muhabba unlimited crew do not fit the bill due to their own actions.

    The thing that is most evident from your Demeanour H92 is that you do have a agenda, you're just a bit crap at trying to hide that fact... Nice try pal but some of us thought we'd give you the benefit of the doubt even tho we could see the halmarks of a troll in your attitude... I find people like you very amusing in some ways because you think your pretence hasn't been noted, we just let it play out so you can start tripping up over your own dramatic tales.
  12. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    so you you admit it - you were NOT here asking people for their observations and feedback on dabbagh.

    rather you WANTED to hear GOOD OPINIONS of him, and when you didn't get that you got exacerbated; plus your sales pitch trying to get people to go meet him and attend his "programmes" of sulook failed miserably.

    this is typical hanson, faraz, yaqoubi, keller, etc. style subliminal marketing -

    what you are EFFECTIVELY saying is this - "dabbagh (which is you/your puppetmaster), tahir, ninowy, nazim etc. are in the ranks of people like Imams Abdul Qadir Jilani and al-Ghazzali*. you need to do mujahadah and attain tazkiyah and closeness of Allahu Ta3ala, and for that you need to attend our "programme" of sulook. then you will be accepted in these ranks by us, and granted authority to disagree with us. mind you, even such disagreeing has to be within the bounds of political correctness draped as "adab of ikhtilaf". you still WON'T have any authority to call out gross violations of the 3aqidah and manhaj of the Ahlus Sunnah for the evil that it is. you shall very cunningly give it away to differences of ijtihad"

    * wal 3eyadhu billahi ta3ala

    we're not talking about anything other than the 3aqidah of the Ahlus Sunnah and adherence to the Shari3ah.

    a scholar may have as many faults on any other front and that's just his human nature, and we're not concerned with them, for we know that only Prophets are infallible.

    but there is no such thing as a scholar of the Ahlus Sunnah who is at fault on the 3aqidah and manhaj of the Ahlus Sunnah

    unless you want to implicitly promote the rafidi narrative that non-prophets can also be infallible, which a lot of these cults of zanadiq promote.
  13. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    oops! i didn't go through many posts down below, he is certainly dabbagh or travelling with him.
  14. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    yes, but only the criticism which is corroborated from Quran and sunnah is acceptable, it is your duty to prove that napak padri's circus is in the light of Quran, sunnah, otherwise right now you are doing exactly what you are blaming the members of this forum for.
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  15. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    either you are a jahil or just pretending that you don't know. we didn't talk about dr. asrar ahmed who has died and was a pakistani. the one mentioned in this thread is shaykh Asrar Rahseed from UK.

    do you think meeting is necessary to rate an scholar among ahlussunah? so why do you criticize deobandis? and why don't you give your true credentials before charging others while others participating in this thread aren't lying like you are. do you have any shame in your heart.

    you have three days to respond that you have watched napak padri's wembley interfaith conference and have read minhaji fata morgana, and then post your questions/objections/refutation on minhaji fata morgana with references from quran ,sunnah and early scholars, otherwise after three days we'll ban you because we don't entertain juhala.
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  16. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    alHamdulillah, we have the courage to meet and ask any of these people about things we criticise them for. it is just that we have our limitations and circumstances - but trust me, in sha'Allah wa bi tawfiqihi - if i happen to cross any of these men, i will certainly ask them. particularly, keller and yaqubi; ah-murad, hamza and gfhaddad - that is if i get the chance to speak to them. wAllahu'l musta'an.

    for someone who is caught lying, you certainly have a lot of shame attempting to offer advice. in the last two days, you have still accessed this website from pakistan.
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  17. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    if you are ahmad dabbagh, then know that it is farD to expose charlatans and evil scholars. if our salaf followed your methods of hypocrisy which you call 'adab' and 'suluk', our religion - al iyadhu billah - would be full of nonsense packaged as 'esoteric knowledge' by fraudsters such as tahir jhangvi and ignorant preachers.

    when fitna is widespread, it is obligatory for those with knowledge to expose fitna and demonstrate their knowledge. if not, Allah ta'ala will not accept either their farD, or their nafl. imam abu'l Hasan ash'ari narrated it via many routes in his tabyin.

    there is no tasawwuf in keeping quiet when attempts are being made by evil scholars to hack at our religion. history tells us that scholars among sufis never shied to refute heretics. imam harith al-muhasibi, abu Talib makki, the author of qut al-qulub who refuted ibn Hazm, imam ghazali destroyed the baTinis, ibn aTayillah al-sakandari refuted ibn taymiyyah, imam subki refuted ibn taymiyyah, imam fazl al-rasul badayuni, fazl al-Haq khayrabadi refuted ismayil..and alahazrat. what you know, who alahazrat was!

    i had started working on a website exposing that dajjal tahir, but got sidetracked. on that website, some of the quotes we have used to refute these arguments which try to exploit the good nature of ordinary muslims.

    In a hadith reported by khatib: "Do you give consideration (and thus hesitate) from mentioning the corrupt man, so that people learn of him? Do mention him, and his faults so that people are warned of him".


    Ábdullāh ibn al-Mubārak said Muállā ibn Hilāl narrates lies. A Sufi objected and said: “O Abū Abdu’r Raĥmān, isn’t this backbiting?”
    Ibn Mubārak replied: “Silence! If we do not expose them, how else will truth and falsehood be apparent?”

    Imām Abū Bakr Aĥmad, famously known as Khaţib al-Baghdādī in his Kifāyah fī ílm al-Riwāyah, p45.


    Muĥammad ibn Bundār al-Jurjānī complained to Imām Aĥmed ibn Ĥanbal that it was excruciating for him, that he had to regularly say: “such a person is weak, such a person is a liar etc.”Imām Aĥmed replied: “If you remain silent, and I keep silent, how will the common man without knowledge recognise the right from the wrong? [literally: sound and unsound]

    Imām Abū Bakr Aĥmed, famously known as Khaţib al-Baghdādī in his Al-Kifāyah fī ílmi’r Riwāyah, p46.


    Ibn Ulayyah said a similar thing to a "sufi" who advised him from

    In a group of people sitting with [Ismāýīl ibn Ibrāhīm] ibn Úlayyah, a man asked about the [status of the] ĥadīth of Layth ibn Abū Sulaym. A man in the gathering said: “What will you do with Layth ibn Abū Sulaym, he is a weak narrator; why don’t you ask him about the ĥadīth of Ayyūb?”

    The person said: “Glory be to Allāh! Why are you backbiting scholars?”

    Ibn Úlayyah said: “O ignoramus! [ya jahil!] He has given you good counsel. This is fulfilling the trust (he bears,) this is not backbiting.”

    Allah ta'ala knows best.​
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  18. hassan92

    hassan92 Banned

    I can only say may Allah guide you to have good opinion of Muslims and especially the Ulama of Ahlu sunnah. I fear one may become the target of Dua of the Prophet Alihisalam to less or more effect that anyone who spies and searches the defects of people, Allah will expose and dishonour him. Those who are doing this regarding the Ulama of Ahlisunah of the world will not find peace in their own life. This is the authority of peope like Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani rahimahullah and Imam Ghazzali even these Shyookh did that when they had reached the closeness of Allah ta'la and before that they did mujahadah and Tazkiyah.

    A person can find fault in any scholar of they are looking for defects. You have not left anyone except a person called Shaykh israr and he was the one who followed Jamate Islami and then was Salafi orientated. I can only pray for you and please pray for me that we die in good state. You have not got even courage to meet these peope face to face and are just hiding behind titles and criticising the known ulama of AHlu Sunnah.
  19. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    you need to watch his wembley interfaith conference on youtube and read minhaji fata morgana. I don't live in UK either therefore i don't know about ahmed dabbagh, but if he supports napak padri then alas! he is not the one who you need or looking for.

    to download minhaji fata morgana and other books visit http://www.ridawipress.org/
  20. Unbeknown

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    this is a common behaviour of the people who come on here with an agenda of promoting personalities. even after being told repeatedly they will not go through old threads and keep on saying 'where is the proof' - in almost all cases (and perhaps this one too) they know everything from the beginning, having read all those posts even before joining the forum, but will pretend to know nothing.

    this was the case with promoters of tahir jhangvi, nazim qubrusi, muhammad yaqubi, habib ali jifri, hamza yusuf, a.h murad et al.

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