Who is Ahmad Dabbagh?

Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by Aqdas, Mar 3, 2017.

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  1. hassan92

    hassan92 Banned

    Who is this person called Dr Tahir ul Qadri. I have seen some of his videos and they promote the Aqeedah of A'la Hazrat or is he a different person called Dr Padri. Is he from Syria?
  2. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    He knows as do the rest of the world, yet his chosen to turn a blind eye and promote padri... says a lot about where this guys mind & priorities are at.
  3. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

  4. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    i know you're asking the uk brothers, and i don't live in the uk, but please

    run from this dabbagh character like you would from the plague (assuming the video isn't doctored).

    no cheerleader for tahir or his minhajush shaytan can ever be a shaykh of integrity. you can bet your bottom dollar on it.

    i pray to Allah to lead you to an honest shaykh.
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  5. AMQadiri

    AMQadiri Seeker

    Funny that this video was posted only 3 days ago by their official YouTube channel.

    Surely he must know about TuP and all of his shenanigans at this point....
  6. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    That's enough for any right minded sunni to understand that this individual should be avoided for the safety of their own imaan.

    I was doubtful about him before but his promotion of mr kufr ul minhaji is the final nail in the coffin of his credibility
  7. AMQadiri

    AMQadiri Seeker

    Minhaj TV lol
  8. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

  9. Brother Barry

    Brother Barry Veteran

    I remember reading this a few years back.. it sums up the situation quite perfectly I feel.

    I think people need to remember that their are no easy ways or short cuts to attain the level that this brother seems to be wanting, I personally think the Madni inamaat booklet by Shaykh Ilyas Attar Qadiri is enough to help purify ones inside & outside if you manage to stick to it and tick all the boxes every night. (you are not required to be a Mureed to make use if the booklet)

    It gives practical commands for you to obey the sunnah & shariah on a individual level day by day, you self account every night. Simple things like that can help you attain a great deal in both worlds but the intention should be solely for pleasure of Allah, not to become a fast track Rumi or Abdaal as some try to in this day & age.

    I also remember reading that it is not us who pick the Awliya to be our Shaykhs & to guide us, rather it is them who pic us and bestow whatever we are worthy if receiving. Different people are destined to gain faiz from different doorways as a scholar ones said to me, just make sure you don't nock at the doors of deviants & become their doormat.
  10. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    alahazrat in his malfuz sharif (old ed. 4/33): [summarized]

    a man once went to sayyidi aal Muhammad raDiyallahu anhu, and he was in the khanqah of maraharah sharif those days. the man complained of not having found an accomplished shaykh, in spite of visiting many shaykhs, spiritual training and abstinence [mujahadah, riyazat].

    mawlana had the man sent to a vacant room in the khanqah; the servant was told to give him fish for dinner and not give the man any water. the servant did as he was told and as he finished his dinner, locked him inside. it was summer and the man spent the night in agony as no one heeded his screams for water. mawlana came out before dawn for prayer and asked the servant to open the door. as soon as the door opened, the man flew to the pond and drank as much water as he could.

    later, after prayer mawlana asked him whether he was comfortable in the night. the man said: "sir, it was sheer agony. the servant fed me fish and did not give me water; and locked the door from outside. all i desired was some water to drink and i could think of nothing else. even when i was overcome by sleep, i could see nothing but water..."

    mawlana said: "have you ever yearned to find an accomplished shaykh, and expended all efforts to find him, as you craved for water last night?"

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  11. hassan92

    hassan92 Banned

    Brothers please do not be displeased and abondon me as I your brother in Deen. If I am offending and uPsetting you, I will leave this forum and will not post further as I do not want to hurt anyone. I have made clear that:

    1. I have studied the fundamental books of Aqeedah under local Scholars.
    2. Books of fiqh including worship and dealings
    3. Tajweed (basic)

    Now I want to embark on the journey to Allah and for that I need:

    1. True guide who is of right Aqeedah and practices himself shariah and SUNNAH.

    2. Do not charge peope money
    3. Gives time individually to the seekers
    4. Have a programme of Tazkiyah not only bayah and awraad.
    5. Can take a person to the presence of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

    I have been to many so called peers but they do not have any proper sulook, but just Barakah.

    I have not taken Ahmad Dabbagh as my guide yet but he has all the things which I am looking for except your criticism of him that he is Deobandi or Salafi has put me on halt. As far as I know from research his Shyookh are from Morocco or his own family elders of Shaykh Bahaudeen Zakariyyah. He is from village Haqaiqah in Kharian, currently in South Asia, Pakistan where there is only one Mazar and that is of his great grandfather and there is not even one person in their village who has different Aqeedah except Sunni Barelvi.

    I did send one brother in Pakistan from Lahore who was my friend of facebook who went to his village and enquired. He said that all people there are very much admirer of him and they confirmed from centuries they are the torch bearers of Aqeedah and practices of Ahlusunnah.

    Now if you brothers in UK visit this Ahmad Dabbagh and then report back then I will have some assurity because I cannot trave to there and I do not want to follow a person until I am sure of their integrity. As far as cryicism is concerned people always have spoken against Auliyah but only after they go closer to them they know of reality.

    How long I will live until I find the man of time and how deeply I am yearning for the light of guidance in the form of a Shaykh.
  12. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    The doors of sulook are open for those who have courage, not for those who even haven't taken first setp but they wish to reach a place where kids aren't allowed. Even in zahir kids are not allowed in masajid. I didn't criticise on sultan bahu alaihi rahmah, my objection was on your whims, otherwise sometime just one sight makes a thief qutub.

    If you are out for shopping then buy whatever suits you, rotten apples, putrid berries, or foul and bitter juices; it is all you choice, but it is not sulook until you quit shopping and become a begger, and accept with thanks what has been given. Do not ask to enter into the house, until the Owner takes you inside.

    In your post the only truth is that we haven't travelled (even haven't set out), forget arriving because the path is endless.

    Regarding ahmed dabbagh you need to do your research because it is you who is taking him as a guide. If he is clean - good for you, if he turns out to be (pro) deobandi then why would you go to him when you know that they find faults in prophets.

    Talking to you any further is useless, therefore pardon me for further good or bad discussion.
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  13. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    since you know Sayyidina Ghawthe A3zdham's 15 signs for a true shaykh, why you asking protocols and qualifications from nobodies on a forum? use the information you have from him, and find a good shaykh

    you are not getting the point of the other brothers. no one is closing the doors of fana fir Rasool (3alaihis salam) or fana fiLlah for you. no one can do that even if they wanted to or tried to.

    people are just saying that you need to do your own due diligence to find a true man of Allah as a teacher and a guide.

    notwithstanding the fact that to merely embark on the path of sulook and reach stations of fana and wilayah, you have to be super-fluent with the 3aqidah of the Ahlus Sunnah and completely adherent of the Shari3ah (something visitors on forums often overlook!).

    i don't remember now if it was Futuh Al-Ghayb or Fath Ar-Rabbani, but in one of his discourses the blessed Ghawthe A3zdham has said that in front of Allah, people are of three categories - 3aam (commoners), khaas (special folk), and khawaas al-khaas (super-special). 3aam or commoner is the one who adheres to the Shari3ah "COMPLETELY" in total and utter adherence to the obligations and abstinence from the prohibitions. such a person is a "common man" in front of Allah, as the noble Ghawth taught. i know for a fact i'm very sub-standard and i'd be very lucky if i achieve the level of an "3aam admi", a mere "commoner" in front of Allah. it's stupid of me to start talking about attaining fana and wilayah and so on. hope you see my point. this is what Noori was trying to tell you, as well as abu Hasan

    it won't come to you on a silver platter. no one can or will make it a halwa and put it in your mouth, unless you're extraordinarily lucky and blessed by Allah like some of the mureeds of the Ghawth 3alaihir rahmah in his lifetime who were blessed by his suhbah

    look at Ghawthe A3zdham himself - despite being a born wali, look at how he traveled to get knowledge from pious teachers and how hard he struggled and worked in deen.

    my advise to you is to strengthen your 3aqidah as much as you can. don't be arrogant (not saying you are) like mark hanson who said once in a talk that Ash3ari 3aqidah is something to come to grips with in 10 minutes. and learn fiqh and strengthen your practice of the Shari3ah as much as you can. look for the shaykh too but don't ever forget that there is no such thing as haqiqah or fana or wilayah that is separate from the Shari3ah like how the post-modern zanadiq think. if you feel you can start the path of sulook before perfecting your 3aqidah and knowledge and practice of fiqh only by reading poetry, you will fall prey to many of the facebook shuyukh of zandaqah and tasawwuf will become a cheap hobby and a tool of pretense for you.

    as for this dabbagh person, you asked people for their opinions, they gave them, both positive and negative. now why you want people to subscribe to your views on him. and if you already have preformed views on him, why ask others in the first place?
  14. hassan92

    hassan92 Banned

    Yes brother a true Shaykh will give you all this information and much more. For no reason Sayyduna Ghousul Azam mentioned 15 signs for a Shaykh from which I have asked only 7. It seems some members on this forum have taken responsibility of finding faults in Shyookh as the Deobandis do with Prophets and the pious. They discredit everyone and when asked you recommend they cannot give the proper protocols and qualifications.

    Saying only few can reach the Colseness of Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is to close the door of sulook on people. Shaykh sultan bahu cannot be wrong even Sayyduna Abdul Qadir Jilani rahimahullah had a limit of tarbiyyah of the mureed. You are sayingdo not buy from this shop and that shop, nor you have a shop where the fruit can be bought.

    I think maybe many of you have not travelled the true path nor arrived.

    Please do me a favour. All the brothers who are living in UK, go as a group to meet Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh and then update me. Maybe you have not visited him. I do not think he will mind meeting you. I have seen in his YouTube videos he gives open invitation for questions and he spends all Monday night from Esha to Fajr meeting Salikeen and general people.

    The brother who has suggested books, I have read most of them. That is how I came to know that this individual has anything nearest to offer according to my little search.
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  15. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    are you a manager in some company or do you own a company yourself?

    "...no problem. how many people are there in your company? who are your clients? can you share your customer list? what is your annual budget? how many years in business? can you share your audited statement? please send me CVs of all those working on this project; how many years of experience does each consultant have? what are the kind of projects they have worked in. send me your company profile."

    "all i want is the best of the breed program for suluk. just like our other ambitious project: we want to build a 1-mile long skyscraper in 6-months. we don't have time. and our budget is 10,000 USD and that includes architecture, design, material and execution. and mind you, if there are delays, you will be penalised @1000 USD per day."
  16. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    dear brother, your quest for sulook is admirable, but from your post i can feel that you are lacking basic tools. i am sorry to mention this but you cannot progress further until you identify your mistakes and correct them. what you are asking for (hudhoori) is really something which only very few in awliya' receive. perhaps you are looking for short cuts but there aren't any, it is a never ending path (literally). when we come to this path with assumption that in 40 days ect we will be visioning worlds beyond our world in dreams, muraqibah, or awake; or that soon we we will be joining the gatherings of qutub, abdal then actually we haven't set our intention right. sayyiduna huzur gawth al azam raDiAllahu a'nh says (it is not verbatim, just the meaning) in futooh' al ghayb that hold your current station firm with utmost respect and believing that it is the best for you, do not wish for the higher stations until He Himself takes you to the next level with His command, not just with permission because sometimes permission is only to give you a test (while He knows everything subhan'uhu wa ta'ala), nor should you try to step down from your current station because this is lack of courage.

    another thing is that you are looking for celebrities, you will not find true awliya like this, they hide themselves even from their own selves. you should regularly pray salat al h'ajjah and ask Allah's guidance that He take you to a true shaykh. until then you need to bring some of the shuyook in your house to stay with you all the time and guide. i mean the books of awliya kiram, kashf al mahjoob, ih'ya'ul uloom, futooh' al ghayb, shariat wa tareeqat (by ala hazrat is a must before you start any other book on tasawwuf) etc.

    regarding ahmed dabbagh, you don't need to ask people here on this forum, if you have links then try to find out intelligently if he or his murideen favor deobandits, for their (deobandi sufi orders) streams of sulook have been cut off from the original rivers, their zikr azkar, muraqibah, mushahida is like little water that shines in front of sun for a while and then evaporates, leaving everything dry and dead.

    sulook is only this أترك نفسك وتعال

    my language is pretty ordinary, so i may not have expressed what i intended to, especially the kalam of huzur sayyiduna ghawth al azam raDiAllahu anh'. i apologize.
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  17. Abu Aleshba

    Abu Aleshba Active Member

    I'm reminded about a late Shaykh (ra) who would recieve many visitors to their Aastana. They would say how they wished just one person would come and ask for Allah and Rasool Sallalahu Alaihi Wa Salam. The visiting Makhlook would ask for dunya (worldly things).
  18. kattarsunni

    kattarsunni Veteran

    I sense a tone of sarcasm. It does not necessitate that we have sages amongst and that therefore we will attain enlightenment. Sufi Abdullah lived and passed away in Birmingham but very few people took spiritual benefit from him.

    As for Hafiz Ahmad Dabbagh, I know one scholar said he dabbles with jinn and he makes them appear. Another has mentioned that when he got near cult members they mentioned that they have the body armour of the Prophet alayhisalam and a piece of the black stone. Also the mention that Hafiz Ahmad is the Ghawth of the time. This is typical of all these groups that they pull you in step by step.

    Also Hafiz Ahmad Dabbagh did say that why don't you place a fatwa on Imam Ghazzali like you do on Thanawi as the former compared the knowkedge of the Prophet alayhisalam to angels? Of course this is silly as Deobandis gave the analogy with Satan. This last part was said to Asrar Rashid and the Jinn part was said by Saeedi Sahib.

    I deem him a typical cult leader recruiting for his cult.
  19. hassan92

    hassan92 Banned

    Brothers I am not in Britain but I can come there if such Shyookh as Shaykh Asrar & Shaykh sajjad, Shaykh Munawar Ateeq and Shaykh Danyal live there. You are fortunate to have such sages of spirituality and you must have reached enlightenment through them like the Auliyah.

    As I have done lot of search on the system of purification and sulook and to my knowledge I was most impressed by Shaykh Ahmad Dabbagh shadili's syestem as I have posted below but if there is anything wrong with him I have no objections to benfit from the four above Shyookh. Please send me their programmes of Tazkiyah and sulook through which they take people to the presence of Prophet Muhammad. Known as Majlises Hudhoori. Also names of their spiritual guides and how long they have travelled the path of mujahadah under them etc.

    I an not after Bayah as someone has suggested but tazkiyah and reaching Allah, if they will say then I can do bayah. As someone hast stated seek knowledge. I have studies the necessary knowledge of faraidh and Aqeedah until Nurul idha, Aqeeda tahawiyah, imam ghazzalis minhaj ul Abideen and begining of guidance etc. That is how I became aware of the path and Taxkiyah system.

    As some of you have objected on diagrams and slides. Know that centuries before Shaykh Muhayidden Arabi rahimahullah used many diagrams to explain sulook. Also in Indian subcontinent all naqshbandi Shyookh use
    diagrams to explain their sulook such as shaykh ahmad Sarhandi rahimahullah and his students( it consists of circles, arshs and 10 Lataif etc) Modern technology was not available at that time. Please object on something which is really worth criticism because otherwise it shows you have something personal against this person. Even the Prophet Muhammad alihisalam drew diagrams on sand using a stick as it is mentioned in saheeh Bukhari to show the reality of Dunyah.
  20. Abu Hamza

    Abu Hamza Hanafi-Maturidi

    @hassan92 - I dont understand why you are so fascinated with bay'a, you should concentrate your efforts on studying the deen first and foremost. It seems as if giving bay'a is an obligation, our priorities are all wrong, seeking knwoledge is an obligation upon every muslim not joining colourful salasil and becoming cult members.

    @Brother Barry - whilst i dont defend Karam Shah, the video you posted is not of a 'scholar', this is a matter of Iman and Kufr - Ulema should do Jarh and Ta'dil on people like this, for all we know, perhaps he just wanted to make a name for himself - Allah knows best.
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