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    How did someone deduce from this that I'm exhorting the promotion of minhajis and tafzilis?

    People need to read carefully.
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    So we have to define the parameters then of who we can and can't "promote".

    Anyway, what is "promotion"?

    Shaykh Asrar recently mentioned that Shaykh Yaqubi would serve them platters of food. Is this promotion?

    Is promotion anything that refers to anyone positively?

    What if I say, 'Tahir ul has a good habit of bringing his books with him to his lectures.'

    Is that promotion IF my view that Tahir ul is a deviant is well known?

    So how do we decide when we can stop promoting a Sunni?

    I think we have to categorise issues. This is similar to something I mentioned elsewhere about bidah and muharramāt.

    We also have to discuss guilt by association.

    1. If the person themselves calls towards haram (such as listening to deviants) or sulh kullism, etc, it is safe to say we shouldn't promote them. This is Shaykh Yaqubi.

    2. The person themselves didn't call to haram or sulh kullism but defends the one who did. This is Shaykh Yaseen. Can we promote him?

    3. If the person habitually associates with deviants without making their view clear on that deviance, we shouldn't promote them. This is Pir Munawwar Jamati who goes to Tahir ul.

    I've said habitually because sometimes, as a one off, one may find oneself before a deviant inadvertently, etc.

    4. If the person associates with those who call to haram (such as celebrating Christmas), can we promote them? A lot of ulama go to pirs like Eidgah who do Christmas.

    5. If the person associates with deviants like those who deny the ijma'a on tafdil al-shaykhayn, should we promote them, even if they themselves accept the ijma'a? A lot of ulama still hobnob with people like Zahid Shah and Fazl Ahmad.

    6. If the person associates with people who haven't been declared deviants but hold beliefs such as hulūl. A lot of ulama invite the Aqtabs from Coventry.

    Also JTI and Irfan Shah. Can we still promote JTI?

    7. If the person associates with someone who associates with someone with problematic views? Yes, it's getting long now but how many chains do we go up? A knows B knows C knows D...how far? Sjaad associates with GFH who defends Shaykh Nazim. Can we promote Sjaad? (Putting aside Sjaad declaring Devs as Sunnis).

    There will be more categories. We need answers to these. Otherwise, people will continue to club all these together under a single category and issue blanket rulings.

    Also, unless we categorise in order of severity, those who shouldn't promote people who belong to more severe categories will cite the associations of those in categories less severe and thereby justify their promotions:

    'I promote Shaykh Yaqubi but what about your scholar who sits with Qari Asim?'
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