Why don't we celebrate the URS of the sahaba?

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Burhaan786, Nov 19, 2022.

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    I stand to be corrected.

    I feel the lives of the Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhum Ajma'een should be imitated on a daily basis. As our Prophet ﷺ said "أصحابي كالنجوم بأيهم اقتديتم اهتديتم"
    As we sunnis always are reminded by our Ulama that for us Meelad is everyday, similarly the remembrance of the Ahlul bayt and Sahaba should be done everyday and their virtues should be mentioned regularly (e.g. in friday sermons etc).

    The purpose of the 'Urs of a wali is to remember him and his teachings (sadly this is not the case nowadays, sunnis are more concerned about the food after mehfil). My understanding would be once every year vs following everyday. Take note Sunnis do remember the Sahaba and Ahlul bayt (to which the deviants then equate us to shi'as e.g in muharram) on their 'Urs as well. It just differs city to city just depends how your community does it.

    Well. People have the right to spend their money as they wish. I would prefer going for umrah and hajj more often as it's what I learnt from the life of Alahazrat (his yearning for Madina), this is also subjective.

    However it's surprising that people always bring such questions out for sunnis "why not go for umrah and go for urs? Why not feed the poor instead of lighting up the streets for mawlid? Why this Why that?"

    When will these questions be asked:
    1) why not cancel your monthly TV subscription and rather feed the poor?
    2) why an expensive wedding rather than one done as per the sunnah?

    These are just some examples of questions that could also be asked. But No! Let's ask sunnis questions on their celebrations of urs and mawlid.

    Again I stand to be corrected and this is what my understanding is of the matter.
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    I was talking to someone who has started to learn about tasawuff and sufism and the indo-pak tradition. He asked that why don't we put the same emphasis on the URS of sayyiduna Ali for example since qadiri silsiah goes through him or the URS of sayiduna Abu Bakr since the naqshbandis go through him. Why not go for Umrah instead of going for an URS?
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