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  1. Shakil

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    This as suffa org , which is popping up in bham every now and then, and targetting the uni students and claiming to be sunni when infront of arab and american scholars, and bringing ustad Yahya rhodus for talks at his institute.

    We need to make people aware of such organisations especially us brummies as this is set in our area.
  2. :D
    Just read the deos fatwa--what a joke these people are. on the one hand saying Ya Shaykh is allowed if it is Deobandi elder but saying Ya Muhammad is not allowed as it entails shirk! Allahu Akbar!

    And his gloss over the cry by Siddiq e Akbar :ra: of Ya Muhammada! at Yamamah was just an admission of defeat. He claimed it was 'clearly not istighatha'. Then what was it?
  3. masha Allah Faqir bhai,
    excellent little site you've got there!
  4. faqir

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    as-salamu 'alaikum

    some shuyukh have made du'a for us and given us support.

    see here:

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  5. abu Hasan

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    another deobandi mufti. but atleast he gets to the point relatively fast.

    here is an advice for him: let him read ibn abidin's sall al-Husam al-hindi [second volume of rasayil ibn abidin, pg.311] for an exposition and a clarification for his confusion and hasty fatawa.

    pdf here [found from the latest post by br.ali]:

    and if it is of any interest to you, rashid gangohi was a great admirer of shami - that is ibn `abidin shami. that is what his biographers say.
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    Sidi Haroon, I will post my comments on suffa on another thread, but I just love the emblem or logo of ma'rifah. its so SUFIIIIIIIIIIIII.

    ma'rifah whirling around in the Love of Allah Allah

    jazakAllah khayr Sidi Faqir for giving me this happiness. Your colour of olive and white with a subh Sadiq background for the sign also makes me love ma'rfah even more. That combination is my favourite too. It is so soothing to the heart and encouraging of softness and sabr. Olive is like sabr to me. I love the colouring.

    Allah has made this world, even the wing of an ant, such a beautiful creation. Imagine the beauty of Habib :sas:
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    thanks for letting me know :rolleyes:
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    some shuyukh were kind enough to mention a few words regarding www.marifah.net [see under Testimonials on the top bar]
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  11. faqir

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    I am grateful to sidi abu nibras for his help.

    jazaakum Allah khairan

    and yes, insha'allah we will put the articles in html as well but we still have more material to add to the site first....
  12. Aqdas

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    for sure.
  13. abu nibras

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    masha allah sidi , good work !

    It would be good if you also make articles available in plain text apart from .pdf

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  14. Muhammadi

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    Very Good Site

    It was me dear brother; it is a very professional and academic site just like this one, Māshā Allāh Ta’ālā.
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  16. Aqdas

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    nice, sidi. jazakAllahu fi'd darayn
  17. faqir

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