yazidis massacre entire Sunni villages

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Wadood, Jun 14, 2015.

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    This news corroborates what brother AbdalQadir is saying. very unfair video. i dont suspect the women in the video to be yazidi kurds, but they do look like Muslim Kurds. the mailonline UK is promoting kufr among Muslims, and there are a lot of Muslims buying into the propaganda.

    But i have proof in my hands that Kurds are strong Sunni Muslims to this day. They are not as the western media likes to portray them, please be careful. There are almost 40 million of them. In Iran, they are known as religious militant Sufi Sunnis. In Iraq, Syria, Turkey, they provide almost half the Sunni scholars!


    In the dailymail.co.uk link below, the dead kafir Keith Broomfield, who will now burn in hell-fire forever, didn't feel it was necessary to fight Bashar Assad the evil, but felt compelled to fight the wahabi ISIS. Quite revealing, you know, looking at the priorities of these western kuffar. And they dont want to go into Iraq to fight ISIS there, just in Syria.


    The kurdish women in the pictures, most of them appear to be wearing a hijab.
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    Stumbled across the following, they even have their own magazines for propaganda:
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    these are facts not theories. also, our own agencies act like their pet dogs, nothing happens but they have some sort of share in it.
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    i think all these kharji wahabi groups are kafir assets deliberately working to denigrate Islam and Muslims and generate undue sympathy for kafirs.

    psychologically people do have a tendency to side with the underdog or the oppressed, and sheeple are void of reason and objectivity.

    i think these dajjalic groups like al-qaeda and isis etc. deliberately do what they do so that public opinion of normal Muslim goes in the exact opposite direction which is love and adoration - overshooting by thousands of miles the middle path of the Shari3ah, of controlled, systematic, and programmed dealings with kafirs - and the media helps them in this, notwithstanding the excellent job done by the Muslims' leadership and baptized shuyukh like geoffrey waiting at the other side of the spectrum, all too eager to welcome the sheeple to the world of kafir loving zandaqah.

    this makes the theories that al-qaeda and isis are actually assets of foreign intel agencies, all the more plausible. why just think about where they get their funding and arms caches from. maybe iran supplies arms to the shiite groups. but where do all these khawarij get their arms from and how? we all know how the arms came to afghanistan.

    if you think about it, all these baptized-into-christianity sufis like tahir, ali geoffrey, mark hanson, bin boya, etc. gained major prominence after 911. they went to the exact opposite extreme of al-qaeda etc, fawning over their holy father then pope benedict and all the aimmah of kufr, when they could have easily taught people the REAL middle path of the Shari3ah.

    in the recent past, the media has done a wonderful job of publicizing this yazidi cult and portraying them as poor, oppressed, peace-loving people.

    anyways, it's only my theory, and certainly more plausible than evolution. don't shoot me down for it.
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