Young(ish) English speaking Sunni ulama in the UK: a list

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Adam Yahya, Jan 17, 2015.

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  1. zulfikar

    zulfikar New Member

    alhamdulillah!on the 01-08-09 we had the honor of welcoming allama arshad misbahi to s.a. A young dynamic resonant vibrant speaker who eloquently eleborated on his topic and speaking fluent english is indeed a rare commodity.apparently he came last year and gave an awe inspiring lectuer ppl were spellbound.the organizers had to call him again due to public demand.only problem he delivered the same lecture as last years one. bit disappointed though he is a gr8 speaker hey!

    has anyone got his e-mail add?or website
  2. maulanax

    maulanax Active Member

    whats his name?
  3. SA01

    SA01 Veteran

    Their son speaks well also.
  4. SA01

    SA01 Veteran

    Nuneaton Coventry:

    Hazrat Pir Faizul Aqtab Siddiqi -LLB Barrister At Law (Principle of Hijaz College Islamic University)

    Hazrat Tauqir Ishaq-BSc MSc CEng MICE ACGI (Chief Executive of Hijaz College Islamic University)
  5. Madani

    Madani Active Member

    Allama Rashid Attari Al Madani (Accrington)
    Allama Qamar Attari Al Madani (birmingham)
  6. Seeker_1

    Seeker_1 New Member

    Shaykh Israar al Haq, Bradford
    Shaykh Anwar al Haq, Bradford
    Shaykh Abdullah Khan Niazi, Sheffield
  7. azizq

    azizq Well-Known Member

  8. maulanax

    maulanax Active Member

    what about MIH pirzada sahib. he can also speak english roughly.
  9. Seeker_1

    Seeker_1 New Member

    As salaam walay kum

    MashAllaah A very good post,

    22. Mufti Zaahid Hussain, Preston
    23. Moulana Zafar ullaah, Sheffield
    24. Shaykh Saajid, Sheffield
    25. Moulana Kaleem al Azhari, Bolton
  10. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    from the jamia al-karam graduates:

    18. mawlana gul muhammad
    19. mawlana bakhtyar - jamia al-karam, nottinghamshire
    20. mawlana athar - sultan bahu, birmingham
    21. mawlana asif ali al-azhari - jamia al-karam

    all very competent speakers.
  11. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    no, they're not brothers. misbahi denotes their connection to al-jamiatu'l ashrafia, mubarakpur, india. the university was first known as misbah al-'ulum.

    from yaseen:

    17. mawlana salim ghisa, preston
  12. azizq

    azizq Well-Known Member

  13. Yaseen

    Yaseen Active Member

    Good thread.Definetely agree in that our English speaking 'ulama should be given a slot at our gatherings. I'd like to add Shaykh Saleem Ghisa from Preston who is a brilliant speaker. You can hear some of his speeches on the following site:

    Theres' also some very good speakers from Dawate Islami as well. Theres a few clips on utube.
  14. maulanax

    maulanax Active Member

    are mawlana yazdani raza misbahi and maulana arshad misbahi brothers?
  15. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    nearly, sherkhan. it is mawlana yazdani raza misbahi.

    13. mawlana muhammad aslam - imam, lozells masjid, birmingham
    14. mawlana asrar - teacher at sultan bahu trust, birmingham
    15. mawlana sajjad hussain - faidan e rasool, birmingham; aqsa publications
    16. mawlana yaseen - faidan e rasool, birmingham
  16. sherkhan

    sherkhan Veteran

    I think you mean Allama Ghulam Yazdani
  17. :s1:

    I think it'll be really useful to have a list of names of Sunni ** ulama from the UK who are either native English speakers or who speak English at a fluent or native level and are resident here. Here are a few I know of but I'm sure there are others:

    1. Allama Arshad Misbahi (Victoria Park Mosque, Manchester)
    2. Allama Munawwar Ateeq
    3. Allama Zain al Aqtab Siddiqi and his brothers.
    4. Allama Muhammad Hanif Naqshbandi
    5. Allama Irfan Chishti
    6. The brother who used to come on Islam TV and is Indian with an orange amaamah.
    7. Pir Saqib Shami
    8. Ahmad Thomson
    9. Shaykh Abd al Hakim Murad
    10. Isa Waley (?)
    11. Aisha Bewley
    12. Allama Zahoor Chishti

    who else is there? My list is pretty desi-centric but i am sure there must be other Sunni scholars from other ethnicities such as Arabs, Turks, Africans, Caucasians (nearly wrote Devils there!! ;-)) in the UK of whom we're not aware...

    and, more importantly, these bredwins should be invited as main speakers at all Sunni events in the UK and on the TV channels instead of the usual suspects.

    **noto bene:for those who still don't get it this EXCLUDES Deobandis and their ilk like Riyadh al Haq, Ahmed Ali etc.
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