Zameel on bina ala al-qabr

Discussion in 'Refutation' started by AR Ahmed, Sep 10, 2022.

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    Fine, let him denounce not just us Ridawis but the entire crew of Asharis from Morocco to Indonesia who build mausoleums - which would effectively make him a full blooded wahabi!

    A common sleight of hand of devbandis is that this thing is only specific to subcontinent. One kid once said this to me, and i told him if you googled for just 5 minutes you could see all the "dargahs" in just about any Muslim country in the world.

    That said, yes in the subcontinent the amount of bizarre and haram practices going on at such places is second to none. That however doesn't take away from the original permissibility of building a structure around (ie precincts, not ON, our graves are of lose sand or clay as per the rulings of Sharia) the grave in our and other mazhabs.

    Allah knows best.
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