Zameen o ZamaaN Tumhaare Liye - by Imam Ahmed Raza (English Translation)

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    By the “Hassaan” of Hind, Imam Ahmed Raza Khan alQadri (may Allah shower mercy upon him)

    English Translation by Aqib alQadri

    Zameeno ZamaaN Tumhaare Liye, Makeeno MakaaN Tumhaare Liye
    Chuneeno Chunaa Tumhaare Liye, Bane Do JahaaN Tumhaare Liye

    The world and era are for you, the occupant and space are for you!
    This and that all are for you, for the two worlds are made for you!

    Dahan Me Zuban Tumhaare Liye, Badan Me Hai JaaN Tumhaare Liye
    Hum Aaye Yahan Tumhaare Liye, Uthe Bhi WahaN Tumhaare Liye

    The ability to speak is given for you, life in the body is also for you!
    We arrived here to serve you, may we rise up there also for you!

    Farishtey Khidam Rasool Hisham, Tamaam Umam Ghulame Karam
    Wujoodo Adam Huduso Qidam, JahaaN Me AyaaN Tumhaare Liye

    The angels servants, Messengers your aides, all nations servants seeking generosity from you!
    Presence and non-existence, the new and old, evident in the world because of you.

    Kaleemo Najee Maseeho Safee, Khaleelo Razee Rasoolo Nabi
    Ateeko Wasee Ganee-O-Alee, Sana Ki ZubaaN Tumhaare Liye

    Moosa and Nooh, Eisa and Adam, Ibrahim and Ismaeel, Messengers and Prophets!
    Abu Bakr and Umar, Usman and Ali – all speak in praise of you!

    Asaalate Kul Imaamate Kul, Sayaadate Kul Imaarate Kul
    Hukoomate Kul Wilaayate Kul, Khuda Ke Yahan Tumhaare Liye

    The origin of all, the leadership of all, the mastery of all, the command of all,
    The rule of all, the governance of all – with Allah, all are for you.

    Tumhaari Chamak Tumhaari Damak, Tumhaari Jhalak Tumhaari Mahak
    Zameeno Falak Samaako Samak, Me Sikka NishaaN Tumhaare Liye

    Light and brilliance are for you, beauty and fragrance are for you!
    The earth and sky, the stars and fish, are all marked – all are for you!

    Ye Shamso Qamar Ye Shaamo Sahar, Ye Bargo Shajar Ye Baago Samar
    Ye Tego Sipar Ye Taajo Kamar, Ye Hukme RawaaN Tumare Liye

    The sun and moon, the morning and evening, the leaves and plants, the orchards and fruits,
    The sword and shield, the crown and strap – this all-encompassing reign is for you.

    Na Jinn O Bashar Ke Aath Peher, Malaaekah Dar Peh Bastah Kamar,
    Na Jabha O Sar Keh Qalb O Jigar Hain Sajdah Kunaan Tumhaare Liye

    It is not Jinns or men but angels at your door, at your service for hours twenty four!
    It is not the brow or the head, but the heart and soul are prostrating to you.

    Na Roohe AmeeN Na Arshe BareeN, Na Lawhe MubeeN Koyee Bi KaheeN
    Khabar Hi NaheeN Jo RamzeiN KhulieN, Azal Ki NihaaN Tumhaare Liye.

    Neither Jibreel nor the Great Throne, neither the Clear Tablet nor anyone anywhere,
    None is aware about the secrets concealed since eternity, revealed for you.

    Jinaa Me Chaman Chaman Me Saman, Saman Me Phaban Phaban Me Dulhan
    Sazaa’e Mihan Peh Aise Minan, Ye Amno Amaan Tumhaare Liye

    The bride among adornments of flowers of Jasmine, the flowers in a garden, which is in Paradise!
    Upon the hard toil, are such great favours, such peace and safety - are all due to you.

    Khaleelo Naji Maseeho Safi, Sabhi Se Kahee KaheeN Bhi Banee?
    Ye Be-Khabari Ke Khalq Phiri, Kahan Se Kahan Tumhaare Liye

    To Ibraheem and Nooh, Eisa and Adam – to all we pleaded, but did we succeed?
    The creation was unaware, and trudged everywhere, searching for you!

    Yeh Marhamatein Keh Kachchi Matein, Na Chhorien Latein, Na Apni Gatein,
    Qasoor Karien Aur In Se Bharien, Qusoor E Jinaan Tumhaare Liye.

    Such bestowals! Despite low intellect, refusal to abandon evil or lowliness!
    Committing wrong, yet the palaces of paradise, are filled with sinners for you!

    Ishaare Se Chand Cheer Diya, Chhupe Huwe Khur Ko Pher Liya
    Gaye Huwe Din Ko Asr Kiya, Ye Taabo Tawaan Tumhaare Liye

    You split the moon with just a sign, recalled the sun that had gone to hide,
    The day that had passed, you made it bright, such powers and might, are all for you.

    Sabah Woh Chale Ke Baag Phale, Wo Phool Khile Ke Din Hon Bhale
    Liwa Ke Tale Sana Me Khule, ‘Raza’ Ki Zuban Tumhaare Liye

    May the breeze blow so the garden may blossom, may the flower bloom so the happy days come,
    Beneath the Banner Of Praise, may the tongue of ‘Raza’ move to praise you!

    All Praise To Almighty Allah. Infinite Blessings And Peace Be Upon The Holy Prophet, His Noble Wives, His Companions, His Progeny, And All Those Who Rightly Follow Him, Until The Last Day.

    For PDF version CLICK HERE
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