Zaydis in Yemen

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by jasimisbest2, May 4, 2010.

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  1. jasimisbest2

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    Zaydi Shia's are close to Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah in many aspects, as brother Wadood listed they differ to us on issue of Afzaliaat and Hazrat Muwawiya rda... they also disgaree with shia's 12ver on cursing the Sahaba's, Hazrat Ayesha and also do not practice MutA as they ahve Authentic sources to rpove that Ahlul bait also did not practice Muta and were against it...

    however the Zaydis are still extremely misguided, I dont believe in calling them Tafdili, as Tafdili may differ on the Rank but they do not attack hazrat Muwawiya rda or call him kaffir Astugfurullah.... even though the if you talk to 12ver Shia they say that Muwawiya rda is SAHABI, but still call him KAFFIR!!! funny people, i think they need to learn the definition of SAHABAI then comment on Muwawiya rda..

    ALLAH knows the best
  2. chisti-raza

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    are they really classified as tafdilis? tafdilis do accept the caliphate of the khulafā ath-thalatha as being legitimate but differ on the rank of mawla 'Ali (RadiAllahu Anhu) over the shaykhayn(radiAllahu Anhuma).
  3. I am not Wadood, but I thought i'd answer. They are tafdilis, hence the point of pointing it out here. Sidi Wadood said "Therefore they are definitely mufaddila". Mufaddila = tafdilis
  4. wadood, based on your criteria what is the difference between zaydis and tafzilis?!
  5. The sunnis disagree with them, like the tafdilis, but are not as harsh with them as they are with the twelvers who consider the shaykhayn kuffar. SubhanALlah what perverted belief
  6. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    yes, but they are not as bad as the 12'ers and others. they pray in our mosques too with us. you can say they are the "lightest" of the shias. as i know, many Arab scholars say they are shia but do not call them as rawafid, and even the wahabis say the same thing.
  7. Wadood

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    assalamu 'alaykum

    I have been listening to one of the most popular and fierce contemporary zaydi scholars in the capital san'a on yemeni tv. He was asked about including the blessed saHaba al-kiraam in the salawaat and he said that it is not allowed as that is the sole right of the ahl albayt. He also said that it is bid'a to take the name of the blessed shaykhayn during the jum'a khutba and also with the ahl al-bayt. He also said that zaydis respect the Shaykhayn raDyAllahu anhuma and Sayyiduna Uthman raDyAllahu anhu and keep their respect as crown over their heads and on their eyes, but not for Sayyiduna Mu'awiya and those who were in his party, raDyAllahu anhu.

    So, the zaydis in yemen today

    1) consider Imam Ali as the first rightful khalifa
    2) consider Imam Ali to be afDal than shaykhan raDyAllahu anhuma
    3) consider the other members of the ahl al-bayt also to be higher than the other saHaba
    4) disparge only Sayyiduna Mu'awiya raDyAllahu anhu and attack those with him
    5) keep the respect of the rest of the saHaba above their heads as crowns and on their eyes

    Therefore they are definitely mufaddila and insulters of the saHaba raDyAllahu 'anhuma

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