discrimination against muslims in india (private companies)

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by abu Hasan, Nov 25, 2021.

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    Utterly demoralising. These people will always be inhumane racists. Communalism courses through their veins. May justice prevail.
  2. AbdalQadir

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    The question is what can Muslims from well off backgrounds or situations do to help those in India? Migration to west or gulf is an easy option for those who are well off but theoretically, if every upper middle class and upper class Muslim moved out of India, those left behind would be in much worse off situation. Besides, those who have been abroad for considerable times like us, can't easily move back notwithstanding the fact that to our kids India is a totally foreign land.

    One idea that came to my mind is for western settled Muslims setting up BPO ventures in India, and hiring Muslims exclusively. Call center related BPO ventures are saturated in demand, but there's a whole lot of other stuff that can be subcontracted to India. However, there will be some legal challenges that need to be navigated.

    Openly advertising for Muslims only will certainly invite roadblocks from the saffron terrorists but some creative solutions can be arrived at.

    Other thing is the same old sob stories of our charities funds being eaten up by peers and sajjadah nasheens or at least being grossly mismanaged. Otherwise, we can set up lot of social aid ventures to move Muslims out of poverty and lack of education, and somehow help raise their financial statuses.
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