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I typed a lot of text...but the browser crashed

Don't worry, we have a plum add-on that does autosave. Unlike our previous forum, you won't lose all that you have typed - particularly if you are like one of the admins who posts long messages.

Just open the thread you were working on and you will notice that your text stays where it is. Go ahead and test it. Type some text in a reply and close that window; open the thread again, and you will be where you were.

How can I create an avatar?

use a profile pic or avatar. it helps those reading the forum to identify quickly who is writing, and who is saying what. how to make a good one? (we strongly discourage pictures - including pictures of your shaykhs etc., without intending any disrespect. if you find any such avatars, please report.)

you can do it here:

simply upload a picture that you want to make an avatar of, and follow the directions. remember not to upload your personal pictures or stuff that you may not want to share on the public internet; use a generic picture or some scenery whatever.

we use 96 x 96 pixel avatar on the forum.

on that site, either you can crop the picture from wherever or resize. crop is straighforward, click on the box and move around; resize portion of the image by holding down ctrl key and dragging your mouse. as in the example attached below.
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