Does Asian culture need an overhaul?

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    Does Asian culture need an overhaul?

    Disclaimer: this is not about everyone.

    A lot of Asian families form an extremely toxic environment - full of hate, jealousy, envy and numerous other diseases of the heart.

    Many parents harbour ill feelings towards each other and each other's families. And each parent vies to instill their point of view upon their children. A mother turns her children against the father and vice versa. The father constantly slating the mother's side of the family and vice versa. Children grow up and are nurtured in a household full of toxicity and malice. Children who view their own closest blood relatives as enemies.

    So a round of applause to their ever so mature parents(!)

    There aren't many Asian families where there isn't a culture of aversion for relatives.

    Parents don't even realise that they are spoiling the innocence of their own flesh and blood for the sake of people they don't even like! This is similar to the old wedding example: you spend tens of thousands trying to impress people you don't even like!

    Even if historically, there have been issues between older generations, parents should not transmit this to their children. It makes them hateful humans, selfish, not fulfilling the rights of relatives, breaking ties of kinship and toxic.

    There are many amongst us who don't speak to or get on with close relatives. We otherise them. We differentiate between mum's side and dad's side. We hold on to generation old grudges. Matters we know nothing about or have heard only one side. Brothers not talking to sisters and vice versa. Wives turning husbands against their parents and siblings. Husbands not allowing wives to visit parents. Uncles who dislike nephews. Aunts who couldn't care less about nieces. Sisters at loggerheads. Brothers at war. Father and son who don't get on. Women mistreating their in laws and vice versa. Men proud they batter wives and kids. The list can go on.

    When did us Asians ever see people as just people? Humans.

    When did we treat people as we want to be treated?

    When did we not have double standards?

    Feel free to disagree, but our culture needs an overhaul. And it starts with parents.
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