Fabricated or not?: Story of Alahazrat "Dig my grave so I can stand and recite salat-o-salam"

Discussion in 'Stories and Anecdotes' started by Ghulam Ali, Sep 28, 2021.

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    Wa alaykum as salam

    Taajush Shari'ah (alayhir rahmah) also says it is not authentic:

    I have heard that Ala Hazrat Alaihir RaHma ordered his grave be dug 6 feet long so they can stand up when Sarkar Salalahualaihiwasalam arrives in the grave. I wanted to ask whether this statement is true or not? Is there are official evidence for it's truth? Is having a 6 foot deep grave not against the Sunna?

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    As salamu alaykum.

    I was wondering whether the story that people cite when praising the Imam is actually real or fabricated as it gets mentioned from time to time.

    According to this translation of this fatwa of Mufti Sharif al Haqq Amjadi this story is a forgery.

    If it is indeed a forgery then why is it cited when praising the Imam? I'd like to hear the thoughts of those much more learned than myself.
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