Hadeeth e Qirtaas - How best to reply a Shia by using their own scholarly writing?

Discussion in 'Aqidah/Kalam' started by Kattar Sunni, Jun 10, 2016.

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  1. Kattar Sunni

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    Jazak Allah Khayr. The attached file indeed serves my purpose and shall be of great help when engaging it with my Shia working colleague.

    I have already replied to him based on my limited knowledge and can sense that he is avoiding further engaging discussion on this topic.
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  3. sunnistudent

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    As per my study, the hadith of Qirtas , is not found in any authentic shia book. This is my study, others might have done more research on this and I can learn from them.

    The issues which which shia raise from this hadith sharif are many. Such as not obeying the command of prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam) , prophet ( alayhis salam ) wanted to appoint his successor etc. These issues with analogical and logical answers have been given with reference from shia books by many sunni scholars. But there is no direct analysis of this hadith sharif in any shia book.

    If you read Urdu, there are many books written on this topic, which are available on net. You might like to read Faqih e Millat Mufti Jalaluddin Amjadi rh and Mufti Faiz Ahmad Owaisi rh on this topic. There are many books on web.
  4. Kattar Sunni

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    As Salamu Alaykum.
    Recently a colleague of mine who happens to be a Shia brought up this topic. While I was not aware in depth about the Shia group's view prior to this conversation, I replied him back by asking him to use same yardstick to compare the incident related to Hadeeth e Qirtaas with many other instances including Hazrat Ali ibn Talib RA response to Prophet SAWs during Treaty of Huddaibiyah. This colleague pretended to be unaware of the incident when Hazrat Ali RA declined to carry out the instruction given by Prophet SAWS while being strangely very knowledgeable regarding Hazrat Umar RA response to the two differing groups involved in Hadeeth e Qirtaas.
    Post this discussion, I have done a fair bit of homework on this matter to ensure I give him a detailed explanation on why he and his school of thought is holding on to mischievous viw but I would like to ask my fellow brothers on this forum to cite and provide references to the work/writings of scholars which a Shia cannot refute since such work is considered to be correct in their own view. This would make my response to him bullet proof. For e.g. a portion the discourse number 121 from Nahajul Balagha gives some matter on this regard.
    Jazak Allah Khayr.

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