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Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Umar99, Jan 11, 2018.

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  2. This would indicate the use of microbial rennet which is vegetarian so it would be Halal to have this whey if it says "suitable for vegetarians". But you would need to ask them and investigate other ingredients too. Vanilla is a big doubt and this issue doesn't seemed to have dealt with effectively. This is because vanilla extract is used in most chocolates and contains massive amounts of alcohol (35%). I'd stick to honey and fruit to be safe. Why take chances.
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    السلام عليكم

    I know not everything can be halal even though it says suitable for vegetarians so i just want to ask;

    Is whey powder Halal? I heard its Haram and at the back of the chocolate pack it had whey powder included, as well as it said suitable for vegetarians.

    Can someone please shed some light.

    JazakAllahu Khayran.
  4. Carmine, carminic acid, e120, cochineal are the same thing. Stay away if you want your Dua answered. According to majority if not all the Schools this dye is not permissible (for consumption) and Allah Knows Best

    A word of warning to those whose Nafs is controling them. Those (Muftis) who use the Maliki ruling on eating any insect without the conditions being met are usually not Maliki themselves in some cases and are not even qualified to give Fatwa in the School so beware.
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  5. FaqirHaider

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    That, along with many other "red dyed" products, including cake, energy drinks etc. Scrupulousness regarding food is something we should all exercise.
    و من الله ﷻ التوفيق
    و ما توفيق الا بالله ﷻ
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    So basically M&ms are haraam then, right?
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    No but it does say Carmine which is the same thing.
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    On this one it doesn't say E120...

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  9. normally they contain e120 rendering them haraam. E120 or Cochineal is a red dye taken from crushed insects and although Imam Malik's Madhab allows one to eat other insects apart from locust it is with conditions that unfortunately are not met by food manufacturers. See Mukhtasar Khalil for the exact conditions.
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    Are M&Ms Halal or Haraam?

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