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  1. Ikhwaan

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    Unke gesu nahin rehmat ki ghata chaai hai
    unke abru nhin do qiblon ki yakjaae hai
  2. Aqdas

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    The shape of handcuffs is like the brows.
  3. correction

    un ka hai chehra nur ka (sall Allahu a'laihi wa Aalihi wasallam)
  4. SA01

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    Subhanallah!! Subhanallah!!
  5. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member


    kâf geysu; hâ dahan yâ abru ânkheN `ayn Sâd
    kâf hâ yâ `ayn Sâd un kâ hai chahrâ nûr kâ

    kâf resembles his fore locks; hâ is his blessed mouth; yâ are the brows and `ayn Sâd are his eyes (both letter are of the shape of an eye; in fact `ayn also means the eye)

    kâf hâ yâ `ayn Sâd is (as one tafseer) the description of his blessed radiant face; sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam.
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  6. abu Hasan

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    from the article by mawlana munawwar:
    The eyelashes were “long” and “full”

    The blessed eyebrows were “long” and shaped like a “bow”

    The eyebrows were “perfect” and “never met in the middle” above the nose

    In the affairs of Allah, the beloved’s anger would appear as such that a vane would clearly appear filled by blood in between his eyebrows rising over his forehead
    alaHazrat imam aHmed riDa khan describes this beauty in various couplets:

    jin key sajdeh ko miHrab e ka'abah jhuki
    un bhawoN ki laTafat pey lakhoN salam

    the miHrab [niche] of ka'abah bows down for his prostration,
    a billion salawat on the fineness of his brows

    [the niche is shaped like a bow, and the poet - raHimahullah - describes the fine, arched-as-a-bow brows in terms of the arch of the ka'abah]

    chashma e mihr meiN mawj nur e jalal
    us rag e hashimiyyat pey lakhoN salam

    the awesome waves of light gush in the wellspring, that is the sun -
    a billion salawat on the noble hashemi vein

    with reference to the vein mentioned above, when it appeared on the forehead of the Master; also a reference to the royal lineage of the master sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam. 'jalal', meaning majestic and glorious is also used as 'righteous anger' in urdu.

    hai jalwah gah e nur e ilahi wo ruu
    qawsayn ki maanind haiN donoN abruu

    the light of the Lord shines in his face
    both his brows are like two arched bows

    shab liHyah o sharib hai rukh e raushan din
    geysu o shab e qadr o barat e mu'min
    mizhgaN ki safeN char haiN do abru haiN
    wa'l fajr ke pahlu meiN layalin `ashrin

    his blessed beard and moustache are the night; and his radiant face, the day
    his [dark] tresses are the Night of Power and 'Deliverance for the believer'
    the rows of his blessed eyelashes are four, and his brows are two
    ten nights in the vicinage of the rising morn.

    the dark hair of the beloved sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam are of ten kinds: 2 tresses, 2 brows, 4 rows of eyelashes, the moustache and the beard; his radiant face, fair and bright is like the day.

    there is a connotation from the qur'an: wa'l fajr wa layalin ashr: by the [rising]morning and the ten nights.

    his tresses are like the two great nights: laylatu'l qadr and laylah al-bara'ah; and their literal meanings: that of immense importance [qadr] and deliverance [bara'at].

    aaj eyd e `ashiqaN hai gar khuda chahey ke woh
    abru e paywasta kaa aalam dikhatey jayeN gey

    today, is the day of rejoicement [eyd] for those who love him; and if Allah wishes; he [the Prophet] shall
    show us the state of his entwined brows
    [a metaphor to say that he shall release us from imprisonment as mufti a'azam hind says:

    salasil maSayib ke abru sey kaaTo
    kahan tak masayib gawara karuN maiN?

    shatter these chains of agony with your brows
    how long should i bear these miseries?

    because the brows of the beloved are also described as arched and thin like a sword.

    terey abru ke taSadduq pyare
    band karrey haiN giraftaroN ke

    by the charity of thy beautiful brows [release us]
    the bonds of the imprisoned are hard

    kham e zulf e nabi, sajid haiN miHrab e do abru meiN
    ke ya rab tu hi wali hai siyah karan e ummat kaa

    the curved tresses of the prophet prostate in the niche of his brows,
    [praying] O Lord Almighty, you are the only Deliverer of these sinners of my nation.

    the visualization when the prophet falls in prostration to the Lord Almighty for forgiveness [shafa'ah] of his ummah; when he bows down, his blessed forelocks fall in the arches of his blessed brows.

    more later inshaAllah.
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  7. Aqdas

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    i asked mawlana munawwar last week and he said that the blessed brows had a lot of hair but were nevertheless thin.
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  8. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    on the hizmet website, it quotes mawahib al-ladunya that the eyebrows were thin.
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  9. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    jis Taraf uTh gayi dam meiN dam aa gaya
    us nigaahe 'inaayat pe lakhoN salaam

    mawlana munawwar 'ateeq has done a short piece on the beautiful eyes of the messenger sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam. it is at http://www.scholarspen.blogspot.com/

    he writes:

    7. The eyebrows were “fine” and not “thick” described as "دَقِيقَ الحَاجِبَين".

    now, i always thought that the eyebrows of the beloved muSTafa sallAllahu 'alaihi wasallam were thick.
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