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    By the Hassan of Hind, the Reviver of Islam:
    A’ala Hadhrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan alQadri.
    (May Allah be pleased with him)

    English Translation by: Aqib Farid alQadri (May he be forgiven)

    Hum Khaak HaiN Aur Khaak Hi Ma’vaa Hai Hamaara
    Khaaki To Wo Adam Jadd e A’ala Hai Hamaara
    We are dust, and indeed our refuge is the dust!
    Indeed our forefather Adam was also created from dust!

    ALLAH Humein Khaak Kare Apni Talab Me
    Yeh Khaak To Sarkaar Se Tamgha Hai Hamaara

    May Allah, in yearning for Him, turn us into dust!
    A medal of honour from our master is indeed such dust!

    Jis Khaaq Pe Rakhte The Qadam Sayyide A’alam
    Us Khaaq Pe QurbaaN Dil e Shaida Hai Hamaara

    The dust upon which tread the feet of the creation’s leader!
    My devoted heart wills to be sacrificed upon that dust!

    Kham Ho Gayi Pushte Falak Iss Ta’ne Zamee(n) Se
    Sunn! Hum Pe Madina Hai Wo Rutbaa Hai Hamaara

    The sky bent forward in humility upon hearing this from the earth,
    “Listen, such is my honour! The city of the Prophet rests upon my dust!”

    Usne Laqab E Khaak Shahenshah Se Paaya
    Jo Haider E Karrar Ki Maula Hai Hamaara
    The attacking lion Ali, who is our master!
    Was bestowed by the Emperor himself, the title of “dust”!

    Ay Mudda’eyo! Khaak Ko Tum Khaak Na Samjhe
    Iss Khaak Me Madfu(n) Shahe Bat-ha Hai Hamaara

    O, claimants! You have not understood a bit, what is dust!
    Our King of the valley of Makkah lies buried in this dust!

    Hai Khaak Se Ta’ameer Mazaar E Shahe Qounain
    Ma’mur Isi Khaak Se Kibla Hai Hamaara

    The tomb of the Emperor of the worlds in made from dust!
    Our Qiblah the Ka’aba too, is built from this very dust!

    Hum Khaak Udayenge Jo Wo Khaak Na Paayi
    Aabad Raza Jis Pe Madina Hai Hamaara

    O Raza, the dust upon which the city of the Prophet exists!
    We shall indeed be losers if we do not attain that dust!

    Infinite blessings of Allah and salutations be upon our Master, the Holy Prophet Mohammed, his pure wives, his noble progeny, his virtuous companions and all those who rightly follow him until the Last Day. Infinite blessings and peace be upon all the prophets.

    Aqib Farid alQadri.
    17th Sha’baan, 1439
    (Friday, 04 May 2018)

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