Is Pir Abdul Qadir sunni?

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Nissaar, Jan 28, 2022.

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    At 1:01:20 onwards, Mufti Jalali presents the passage where Imam Ashari considered the issue qatyi.

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    call it a lie, misrepresentation or even plain ignorance.

    if PAQ knowingly said so, it is a lie. if he hastily read it without reflecting upon it, it could be called a mistake - but his repeated assertion that ALL these opinions all belong to ahl-al sunnah is nonsense.

    he also makes other wild claims - not surprising coming from him - like how this was imam abu'l Hasan's first book etc.

    maqalat al-islamiyyin is a book that list the sects that claim to be muslims (including those sects with patent kufr in their beliefs) and varying opinions about key issues.

    the page that PAQ reads is merely a list of various opinions among those who claim to be muslims; and this does not mean that imam abul hasan al-ashari claimed all of these belonged to ahl al-sunnah.

    anyone who turns a few pages of this book can deduce this - but why does PAQ make this mistake even with the book in his hand? that is because someone gave him the page number and he read the few lines and didn't bother about the rest.

    his insistence that ALL of these opinions belong to ahl al-sunnah is PAQ's mistaken belief and inability to read books properly.


    maqalat, v2p131.png

    as you can see, PAQ read until here at 6:40 in the video below (the next clip is from another book and it is not from maqalat (one can see that he is reading from the first pages of a different book whose pages are brown and is not the same as maqalat he held in his hand seen earlier)

    PAQ concluded that all of these are opinions of ahl al-sunnah; after mentioning the last portion: "some have said, we do not know who is superior - abu bakr or ali.." PAQ exclaims: "what will you call them?"

    my answer is: this is the opinion of a sect of mutazilis.

    obviously, this is a listing of opinions of sunnis, shia, tafzilis and mutazilis. so attributing this to imam abu'l hasan ash'ari is ignorance or wilful slander.

    you may ask, how did i arrive at the conclusion that the last opinion is that of mutazilis?

    very simple, i just continued reading the page (as you can see, the sentence is incomplete continuing on to the next page...)

    maqalat, v2p132a.png

    and imam abul hasan ash'ari adds the remark that it is the opinion of al-jubbayi.
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    But what about the quote of Imaam Ashari, it seems Sheikh Ninowy was also agreeing
  5. shahnawazgm

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    Pir Abdul Qadir of Walthamstow is a Shia donning sunni attire. He is well known for his insults on the Sahaba, Imam Ghazali, and numerous others from our pious predecessors. Just search him on this forum.
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    As salaam alaikum

    I have found this video where someone named Pir Abdul Qadir is saying that he believes in the Afzal of Sayyidouna Abu Bakr Siddiq RA but there is no Ijma on this. He even quotes the Imaam Ashari who says there are different opinions on Afzal.

    I have understood that to believe Hazrat Ali RA is Afzal is an innovation and wrong.

    Can someone shed some light on this?

    Jazaakumullah Khair.

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