kanz al-iman and khazayin al-irfan PDF

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    Can you provide an example of what the pages look like?
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    WhatsApp Image 2018-06-02 at 19.54.30.jpeg

    I am glad to announce that KANZ UL IMAAN, along with KHAZAIN UL IRFAN has been published with the permission of UAE govt, and in collaboration with Dar ul Faqih Publishers of UAE; the prints are now available in Pakistan at discounted rates.

    The book will soon be made available in UAE also; in sha Allah.

    May Allah ta'ala abundantly reward all those involved in this noble project.
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    Just a heads up for anyone that is going to open the link, it is 277 MB. Best to right click and "Save link as..."
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    Do u have pdf of Kanzul Iman in english?
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