Muhammad b. ‘Alawī al-Mālikī to Shāh Āl-i Rasūl Mārehrawī to Farangi Mahall

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    From the Farangī Mahall to Makkah: A Pure Connection Etched in Time

    As we commemorate the 20th death anniversary of Sayyid Muhammad b. ʻAlawī al-Makkī, a renowned Islamic scholar, this essay explores his unexpected yet profound connection to the Farangī Mahall lineage.

    By tracing the chain of spiritual transmission through his Shaykh & Mujīz in the Qādirī sufi order, Shaykh Ḍiyā al-Dīn al-Madanī, we uncover Shāh Āl-i-Rasūl Mārehrwī, a prominent Farangī Mahall scholar, as a key link. This discovery not only sheds light on Sayyid Muhammad's spiritual heritage but also serves as a testament to the vast reach and enduring influence of the Farangī Mahall tradition.

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