Naath mehfils - Entertainment?

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Hanafi Sunni, Apr 3, 2024.

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    I came across a tweet from an Imam of the UK.

    Mawlana sahab is trying to rectify the state of the Ahlus sunnah. Allah reward him for his good intentions.

    However I find it quiet shocking and distasteful as to how our Ulama have approached this topic.

    I do understand that everyone has a pain in their hearts seeing the dire state of sunnis, I.e. not having an ilmi mahawl. But I do feel that we need to better approach this subject.

    In the below tweet, Mawlana sahab states that "our people love entertainment". "People will listen to naaths that they don't understand...".

    I find this kind of disrespectful (in my own way) that gatherings of praise of the Beloved Rasool ﷺ are being hinted at as entertainment. The reasons are quiet clear. We all are well aware that praise of the Prophet ﷺ (in the form) of naath is ibadat. The mere fact that people don't understand the difficult kalams does not make the gathering null or fruitless. I have seen naath gatherings rectify brothers. Those who never had beards, now have a fistful sunnah beard due to the increase in the love of the Prophet ﷺ. People have started reading namaaz. People who barely would come to musjid now come more regularly to the musjid for programs of Durood, zikr and naath (Friday evenings). So I don't understand why our Ulama are trying to portray naath gathering as some entertainment event.

    Once an aalim said that "From Alif of Al-Hamdu to Seen of Wan'Naas the entire quran is the praise of the beloved Rasool ﷺ". So therefore if people don't understand quran recitation, would this be also considered fruitless just because people don't understand it? Or rather Burdah gatherings, just cause people don't understand arabic, can one say or compare this to entertainment if the burdah is read in beautiful tone? AstagfirulLah.

    I genuinely believe we need to better word our messages. A positive approach will probably yield better results. " The zest and passion we have to Naaths, masha Allah which is a good action, if only we had the same zest for gatherings of Ilm" This relays the message more efficiently.

    I genuinely have good opinion of Mawlana sahab and I do understand the purpose of his Message, however I feel he was not able to articulate it nicely which lead me to write this.

    If I am wrong, May Allah give me the ability to better understand things. Allah grant the Ahlus sunnah strength and Hidayat to follow the path of the pious predecessors with unity.

    (In the above naath gatherings - I am referring to those mahafil where rulings of the shariah are adhered to. We need to call out qawaali more than naaths too, but we barely hear anyone speak about this.)

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