Nasikh and Mansukh.

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  1. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    i have deleted ubaid's post.

    whatever the argument, i don't see any reason why you must rake up controversial issues in public other than that to show off your knowledge. we have already declined your offer and acknowledged that we don't have experts here.

    if you have a profusely bleeding patient, take them to a hospital and a qualified doctor. don't try to look up in a book (unless you are a doctor yourself). and there is no need to put such a patient on the roadside and lament, shout, bleat and cry. wayfarers can sympathise and throw in a penny or two, but not every passerby is a doctor.

    i have given my alms (in the form of advice) now take your patient to a doctor.
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  2. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    yeah, but you are not shah wali Allah. raHimahullah wa raDiya `anhu.
  3. Ubaid

    Ubaid Active Member

    OK, suit yourselves, shah wali Allah sahib had also read those books!
  4. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    i am closing this thread because your history shows that you pick on shards and fragments and try to build an edifice. i am sorry but if you have a problem with nasikh-mansukh please go and argue elsewhere. we are not masters of tafsir or ulum al-qur'an here.

    if you have a genuine thirst for knowledge, you can read imam zarkashi's al-burhan - an excellent treatise. or a concise one: imam suyuTi's al-itqan.

    or if you like specialist works:

    - an-nāsikh wa'l mansūkh by abū úbaid al-qasim ibn sallām

    - an-nāsikh wa'l mansūkh by abu ja'afar an-naĥĥās.

    - nawāsikh al-qur'ān by ibn al-jawzi

    - an-nāsikh wa'l mansūkh by ibn al-arabi

    - al-muşaffā bi akuffi ahl ar-rusūkh min ílmi'n nāsikhi wa'l mansūkh by imam abu'l faraj ibn al-jawzi
    among the famous ones.
  5. Ubaid

    Ubaid Active Member

    Quran al-karim is mutawtir tabaqati so the text of the Quran is absolutely certain word of God yet when we look at nasikh/mansukh in the Quran as argued for by scholars then we see that there is not a fixed number of verses that are mansukh or nasikh. Scholars disagree amongst themselves as to the number of mansukh aayat, which range from tens to five.

    the question is why? why is there a discrepancy? amongst muslims a mutazili scholar abu muslim isfahani explained away all the verses which are supposed to be mansukh. and some have alleged that there is no direct report from the Prophet(sallalahu alayhi waAlihi wasallam)) whcih suggests such and such verse is nasikh and mansukh....

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