Non-Obligatory Prayers in jamah?

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  1. a_concerned_sunni

    a_concerned_sunni New Member

    Question: is the Jamaat of Salat Al- Tasbeeh jaaiz?

    Answer: Salat Al-Tasbeeh is Nafl Salah, regarding the jama’at of Nafl Sayyidi A’la Hazrat ( may Allah be pleased with him) writes: “if the jma’at is without Tada’ee then nothing wrong with it and if it with Tada’ee then it is Makrooh, Tada’ee mean calling each other and collecting people (for jam’at of Nafl) (fatawa razvia vol 7 page 430)

    Sayyidi A’la Hazrat writes further “ then it more obvious that it is only makrooh tanzihi not makrooh tahreemi or sin or prohibited” he writes further with the reference of Raddul Mukhtaar “ if the Jama’at of Nafl takes place occasionally (not on daily bases) it is Mubah (permissible) not makrooh” (fatawa razviya vol 7 page 431)

    A’la Hazrat writes at another place: “ this mas’ala is disputed amongst ulama and Jama’at of Nafl with Tada’ee is proven from many Akaabir, public will not be stopped from an act of goodness. Ulama of ummat and wise men of this nation have disallowed from such prohibition” ( fatawa razvia vol 7 page 465)

    Abdun Nabi Hamidi
  2. Aqib alQadri

    Aqib alQadri Veteran

    The only addition is that "calling" for Nafil Prayers to be offered in congregation is not recommended.
  3. a_concerned_sunni

    a_concerned_sunni New Member

    I am of the opinion the learned Mufti has made a mistake.
  4. The best answer I heard thus far from a contemporary scholar was that of Hadrat Mufti Abbas Razawi Sahib maddazillahul aali
  5. sidi aqdas,
    is it possible some of the ulama who allow it are actually unaware of ala hadrat´s fatwa? :ra:
  6. I would guess makruh tanzihan but Allah and His Messenger Knows Best
  7. As per alaHazrat... This includes jamaat of salat al tasbih
    as well?
  8. Assalaam Alaikum

    Is it Tahriman or Tanzihan mukruh?

    If its the latter then can it not be given a dispensation for the better good,judging by the times and current situation of muslims?

    Above Quote from Brother Aqdas being a prime example.
  9. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    i wonder why some of the 'ulama allow it then. it's not like the jumu'ah in a village scenario, is it? hanafi 'ulama don't allow it but if it's happening, let it continue lest people stop praying altogether.
  10. Razaa

    Razaa New Member

    jazakallah sidi. There will be more than 3-4 people at this gathering because we will likely have dhikr, tilawat, naats and a speech before that and maybe even visit the local graveyard.

    Off topic question would it be considered makruh in the other madhabs as well? I don't quite know which madhab our Imam follows which is why i am asking.

  11. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    alaHazrat, fatawa riDawiyyah vol.7, pg.416.

    fatwa 1034:
    our [Hanafi] imams rule that it is makruh to pray supererogatory prayers [nawafil] in a congregation that is called to assemble [tadaayi].

    including the prayer during lunar eclipse; this should be prayed individually even if the imam who leads friday prayer [imam e jumu'ah] is present. as reported in shami [ibn abidin reporting from barjandi]:
    as for congregational prayers during lunar eclipse, a huge majority of Hanafi scholars ruled that it is disliked [makruh].
    only the prayers of tarawiH, prayer during solar eclipse and prayer for rain are exceptions [that these three prayers can be prayed in a congregation].

    and this is by the agreement of all the scholars in our madh'hab. the difference in the last one is about its being proven from the sunnah not in its permissibility as explained in durr al-mukhtar.

    the congregation will be considered as tadayi or assembly by invitation only if there are four or more people along with the imam. if there are only two or three people, it is not makruh.

    [only the relevant part is translated from this fatwa for the moment]

    similar fatawa:
    1044, 1043 on pages 426 and 430 respectively in the same volume.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
  12. abbasmadani

    abbasmadani Guest

    we should not perform it in jamaat ! !
  13. This guy is brilliant, honestly.

    He takes a well balanced approach in all matters and explains beautifully all things shari/non shari.
  14. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    mufti akmal said it was fine. the disliked jama'ah for nawafil is for something else. i missed the reasoning too! i saw mufti akmal himself lead the salat al-tasbih last year.
  15. Razaa

    Razaa New Member

    The `alim at our sunni masjid said that there was no harm in it. I missed his reasoning though. Would love to hear an official verdict as tomorrow is shab-e-baraat here and i really do enjoy that prayer.
    I heard hanafi jurist `ibn abideen was against it?

  16. my brother attended a congregation earlier tonight for salatul tasbih, even after i mentioned that it might be makruh. i asked a shaykh once who told me that according to fatwa alamgiri it was makruh. wallahu alam bis sawaab.
  17. Yaseen

    Yaseen Active Member

    Wallahi I was just about to post the same question as I've just read some Hanafi fuqaha have disliked this. I would be grateful if someone can post Sayyidi Alal Hadrat 'alyhi rahmas opinion on this as it's quite a common trend amongst al ot of Sunni organisations.

    Jazakallah khair
  18. Razaa

    Razaa New Member

    As Salaamu alaikum,

    Is this allowed? I know of places that pray salaatul tasbih with congregation and i have prayed with them as well, but i wanted to know if it was allowed.

    Jazakallah Khair


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