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Discussion in 'Home Schooling' started by Khanah, Dec 16, 2023.

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  1. Khanah

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    Note: I am not promoting the above as I don't know enough about it but thought it's interesting to bring forward as an example. Presumably, however, this isn't run by sunnis because we're usually behind the curve on these things. But as a case study of what a sunni version could look like, it seems pretty useful to see what they're offering.

    1. Fees seem to be around £2500-3500 per year per child, depending on year group.
    2. Studying core subjects like maths and English with options like Arabic available.
    3. Fully online with around 15 other kids in your virtual class which is much lower (around half) than the UK public school average.

    Not sure if anyone has used such a provider but feedback would be interesting.

    Again, potentially an opportunity for a sunni entrepreneur to set something similar to this up (as don't know know who runs this). I'm aware that fees may be prohibitive for some but other secular versions are usually even more expensive.

    Americans are usually ahead of the game in terms of homeschooling compared to us in the UK so wonder if something similar already exists over there
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    Sounds feasible. As long as they can teach the kids enough to get the usual 8 or so GCSEs, that's enough to get into college.
  3. Khanah

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    I've been thinking about the broader issue of parents potentially being unable to home school their children even if they may want to, either due to lack of ability to teach or lack of time and the like. Something I have come across is online homeschooling whereby the student is educated purely remotely. A few random thoughts on this:

    1. Although this would be beneficial as presumably the poor character of other kids in the classroom wouldn't rub off on the child (due to the classroom being virtual), if the homeschooling isn't provided by a muslin organisation, other problems would still exist (for example, inculcation of the mentality of scientism as a worldview etc) although mitigations can be found for this

    2. Are there Muslim versions of such homeschooling providers out there? As in, they literally teach your kids the entire time, the only thing a parent would need to do is make sure the child is logging on and off at the right times.

    3. If such a Muslim homeschooling provider doesn't exist, surely there's a gap in the market for an entrepreneur to fill even from the capitalist perspective of 'there's a need here, I could make money from it whilst helping these parents'.

    4. I've also considered the possibility of parents potentially hiring someone from, let's say, Pakistan, in order to provide full time education to the child if this could feasibly be cheaper. In reality, there is an abundance of talent in these types of countries and we're only talking about educating kids to gcse or whatever anyway, which is basically nothing and not high level content. You could get someone with a masters in physics, unable to get gainful employment due to the dire economic situation in the country, and get them to use an already existing curriculum (that can be purchased online) and just get them to teach full time for a price that many may consider to be reasonable in light of the exchange rate? I'm just spitballing, not sure how feasible it is. Could even be a family member who is capable and yet out of work. Potential benefits being that your child would be getting one on one type of attention, by a Muslim teacher, virtually and with ample opportunity to select the curriculum and mold it accordingly. Am I being naive as to how feasible this is- thoughts?
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