Owais Qadri shouting at an aalim

Discussion in 'Refutation' started by Recusant Sunni Warrior, Nov 4, 2021.

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  1. shahnawazgm

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    Owais Qadri has given clarification to this episode on what had actually transpired.

  2. Brother Barry

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    I don't think you need to go down that route and besides Dawateislami is full of human beings and not angels and if I'm honest there are plenty in there who I have observed who are ego driven and making outright haram moves against one another to get the other individual out of the way to pave the way for their own rise. Obviously those people are a stain on the teachings of Ameer Ahle Sunnat. But yeh we don't constantly need to be making out those inside are somehow better than those outside, there's good and bad everywhere and we are all responsible for our own behaviour. This post doesn't need the Di promotion campaign, owais is wrong and we can all see that.
  3. AMQadiri

    AMQadiri Seeker

    Quite shocking. I only met Mufti Ansarul Qadiri once and it was around this time couple years back where he did an amazing bayaan on Ghaus-e-Azam radhi Allah anh that I never heard before. He was very humble and I had a book with me which he signed and made dua. He is also a student and khalifa of Pir Murratab Ali Shah rahmatullah alayh, a great scholar and Shaykhul Hadith as well.

    I don't know if anyone else has observed this, but I sometimes feel that when people are part of Dawate Islami they are humble but when they leave, their behavior changes.
  4. Surati

    Surati Well-Known Member

    I once saw someone put £20 at the feet of an Ulama in the middle his speech and the latter didn’t know where to look! (How is he supposed to even pick that note up?). Wasn’t even done discreetly. The note was lying there for a good 5 minutes until someone realised and came to pick it up.
  5. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    It is disrespectful throwing money at ulema. If they want to give a hadiyah put it in an envelope and leave it next to them. Surely there has to be some fatwa on this bad practice!
  6. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    forgot to mention something i noticed in the videos. even the mufti sahib when he's speaking, an old gentleman is throwing notes at him. it's bad enough throwing money at naatkhwans, worse yet at ulama giving speeches. our detractors can have a field day with it. we can have husne zann that perhaps those scholars have that money given away to the poor or other deeni causes like madaris, publishing books etc, but still they're setting very very dangerous precedents considering the times, giving our detractors sufficient ammo to attack us, and even placing themselves for ridicule and humiliation. Allah help us.
  7. Khanah

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    That's standard these days- everyone is an Allamah, erudite scholar, etc... Although if everyone is an Allamah, surely no one is an Allamah.

    Lofty titles are given to everyone with a microphone. Although I suppose this is a case of 'in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king'- the public in general is so ignorant (myself included), that anybody who completes the first year of dars nizami becomes mufakkir e islam.
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  8. Surati

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    most young people in the West nowadays don’t understand Urdu well. We all know AlaHazrat’s usage of Urdu is next level, so not sure how much of the naat they are actually accessing when it is read. I guess understanding what is being said is fundamental and if you don’t have that then you’re just enjoying a nice tune.

    In the West if kids are taught how to read Urdu and speaking it is highly emphasised in the house, they automatically revert to English when they answer or talk between themselves. It’s a battle.
  9. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    balance in everything.

    today's naath-culture is indeed something to look askance at.

    if the aashiq is drawn to naat but not the dars - then one must question if it's ishq which draws him or something else?

    I still remember mawlana ilyas mentioning private naath gatherings - with few people, in the dark, no mic, no shiny jhubbas, no feats of voice. plain and sincere - which would make one weep.

    and see where we are now.

    unfortunately, even DI naathkhwans have started copying the celebrities in their attire and voice.

    and the culture is worsening by the day.

    Allah knows best.
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  10. abu Hasan

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    while it is technically possible to count downloads, there is no way of knowing how many read them actually.
  11. Lets see if the public attends.

    12 nights of Meelad shareef many musjids held programs every night on different topic. Attendance was quiet low.

    let us stop blaming the ulama entirely.

    they have to worry what their committee says.
    then they have to worry about the public and their comments and 100000 suggestions.

    why cant we support our ulama financially and morally and speak up against these bullish committee members instead of always picking them out.

    its pointless speaking as sunnis dont want to change.

    as there is a hadith which i can recall its gist is "islam started as a strange religon and will end up being strange" "bada al islami ghareeba wasa ya udu ghareeba"

    our ulama are trying and we should try and strive also for change.
  12. This is what you dont understand brother.

    Dars are held, but the public is too lazy to attend.
    Our zest to acquire knowledge can be seen by ulama begging us to purchase their translated works. Molana abu hasan might even given figures as to how many people actually download his books and actually read them.

    I know organisation who are distributing books for free after urs and mehfils and the books box still doesnt finish.

    this is a terrible term to name a mehfil in praise of the Prophet sallallahu Alaihi wasallama.
    so many people learnt aqeeda and adab as well as love from naaths. In fact if i can recall Alahazrat also recommended naath e Nabi to be prayed by a person with a beautiful voice as it can increase ones ishq e Rasool.

    Owase qadri is becoming a victim of his nafs. His recieved khilafat (i dont know on what basis) from many silsilas, which has probably led him to become so brash among the public.

    heres a playlist of weekly dars done in mumbai from ja al haq with the book being shown as the dars is given.

    heres another dars of Tamheed e imaan again from the same scholar.

    if the public is not interested and wont attend these dars what can this poor Aalim do in this case.

    so alot of work needs to be done, i agree. Ulama need to unite and address these problems. Let us not discard the entire beauty of Naath e Nabi.

    dont call it a concert!
  13. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    see this video at the start.

    1. the mufti sahib introduces Owais with lofty titles and "mawlana" and damat barakatuhumul 3aliya and so on... why? giant ulema from Ala Hazrat's times are still called Mawlana to this day like Mawlana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui. do scholars and naatkhwans of our times reach that calibre? we might as well call owais a mujaddid or ghausul waqt! people might think it's adab, but we have developed this culture of giving undue and undeserving praise and credit to people who don't deserve a fraction of it.

    simply sad that the mufti sahib gave so much undeserving respect to owais and he responds with such lack of tameez, tehzeeb, sharm, haya and ghayrat. his arrogance and sarcasm was appalling! if owais raza has any shame left in him, he should be utterly remorseful and take a vow to never again sing a naat in public. (if someone comes back with the blackmail of "but he's a Sarkar ka sanakhwan" or "how can you even suggest he stops Sarkar (3alaihis salam) ki sanakhwani", i respond that it's a commercial venture for him as it is well known, and i'm not suggesting he stop sanakhwani, just that he stops making public appearances)

    just imagine if some aalim (leave alone common guys) intruded mid-way into owais's naat like this!

    2. owais raza was visibly annoyed not being seated in the front row of the ulema and that he has to endure a bayan by an aalim before he starts his concert

    3. lately he's been getting this keeda to act like a muqarrir and murshid and punch above his weight. you're a naatkhwan, stay a naatkhwan, don't try to act like some big shot aalim or peer. anyone can attest to this. owais raza it seems to me, is trying to make an entry into the peeri industry. (some people say that he's an actual graduated aalim too but not mufti. if that's the case, he should be even more careful not to act like such an entitled brat)

    it's also a for profit venture of ARY as is clear from their other channels, and even on Qtv they don't care promoting any tafzili or taqiyyabaz rafidi that buys airtime from them.

    i don't know i may be wrong but i think we're too dependent for some karamat to happen and don't believe in working hard. and we have been using naats as a sort of a short cut to proselytization into Sunniyat (or retention of existing Sunnis) by making it out to be some sort of a halal concert

    wahabis and tablighis have only now forayed into naatkhwani ("shirk se paak naatein" as they say) after seeing it's appeal with the masses, and the obvious thanks to us; and they're not into these halal concerts like us. they just devote maybe 5% of their efforts into naats. the rest is on their version of "education". how do they do it?

    i clearly remember life before the internet (and mobiles) and how all of a sudden we'd hear about some filmy and bollywood addict type of guy in the family or friends circle suddenly becoming tablighi or wahabi or joining maududi jamat and going to weekly dars, gasht etc. those guys work hard to recruit people to their jamats. we don't.

    in fact in my area in UP, i've personally heard common people say stuff like 'such and such became a wahabi, ab pakka namazi ho gaya hai, jo bhi wahabi ho jata hai namaz ka paband ho jata hai'. our common folk try to act like ulama and ulama think of themselves as awliyaa and aqtab and we don't even do due diligence to the very basics.

    you want people to attend durus? start with trying to strengthen their basics

    just think about it - for all the Qadris and ghulamane Ghawth that we have, scholars and common folk alike - can you please point to just one shaykh who holds a weekly dars from Futuh Al-Ghayb or Fath Al-Rabbani for common people - Huzoor Ghawthe Aazam's most excellent discourses for personal and societal islah?

    no sir, you will see people soaked in naarebazi, manqabats (halal concerts), and bayans with narrations of karaamaat which are programmed in a way so people leave the mahafil feeling good about themselves as demi-awliyaa

    Wallah, if we do it (weekly islahi bayans from Ghawthe Aazam's discourses), we can easily bring so many people from those weekly ghashts of jamate islami and tarik zaleel fans to our side.

    just do note that islahi bayans are more subjective and different than structured lessons of aqidah, fiqh, tafsir and so on, and we need to do these in addition to the islahi bayans (in an ideal desi Sunni world).

    Rabiul Thani has started now or will start tomorrow - Let's see if our ulama move the masses beyond manaqib and karaamaat and hold daily lessons from the various khutubaat and discourses of the Ghawth radi Allahu 3anhu for his mureeds!

    sorry, didn't realize i ranted for so long.
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  14. shahnawazgm

    shahnawazgm Veteran

    Let's say the jahil pirs who invite them in their functions. In most of the mehfils in Pakistan where they get invited you will see that they are with these jahil pirs (whom the awaam unfortunately mistake to be the ulema). In UK it's the masjid committee members who invite them, unsure how it is in other Western countries. The public would rather listen to naats than discourses in ilm.

    Qtv made these guys, including Owais Raza Qadri famous. And the public unfortunately adulate such celebrities rather than the ulema. One can see it in that video where some people got up to go away as their celebrity whom they had come to watch decided to leave. Absolutely appalling state of affairs!
  15. i disagree. its these mosque committees whose members are mostly Jaahils and try to run the musjid like their businesses.

    Ulama are basically puppets in modern context. They cant make radd of budmazhabs openly. Cant have a say on matters. They have to follow musjid committee instructions otherwise their jobs are at stake.

    Yes some ulama are "chamcha" types of these naath khwaans and praise these reciters beyond their capacity callling them mawlana and praising them to get these well knowns naath reciters to praise them on live events etc. thats different

    But most ulama want to avoid these naath reciters but simply cant due to external pressure.

    Its publics fault mostly. Do a dars and see how many people come to musjid. But do a naath program weekly you will see people flock in thousands.
  16. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    it was the ulema who sold the naatkhwans to the masses, and now it's coming back to bite them.
  17. Surati

    Surati Well-Known Member

    It’s our own fault. We keep calling these people and agree to meet their conditions and willingly pay them exorbitant amounts of money. We even seat them on bigger and better chairs than Aalims. Ask the same people to spend that much money to fund Aalims or projects and see…

    Sar par charhaya. Ab bhukto.
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  18. owais qadri is the king of naath.

    He took the recitation of hadaiq e bakhshish to another level in the sunni world. Today if we have many reciters reciting kalaam of Alahazrat it due to him. But this doesnt justify his bad akhlaaq.

    His behaviour is quiet rough lately. Shouting at public while they walking in and out etc many can be found on youtube.

    If it was an aalim who interrupted him while he was reciting, im pretty sure you would see him furiously shouting.
  19. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    jazak Allah for this. shameful indeed of owais raza. i don't like this guy one bit. i get the vibes from his videos and antics that he's quite arrogant and narcissistic. but let's face it, it is none other than the ulema (in general, in the last 20 yrs) who have given notekhwans a platform in recent times, either for maslahah for mass distribution of Sunniyat against wahabiyat, or to cover for their own ineptitude (not all of course) in delivering knowledge in their bayans

    naatkhwans are an industry, a union, a mafia and a lobby in their own right. even diehard fans of any naatkhwan in pakistan can confirm this.

    it's clarified now who the mufti sahib is, but just 'coz i asked the question, i wanted to point out that if he (or anyone) did that with a minhaji or tafzili or neem rafidi or wahabi or devbandi, it would be great and commendable. we need to show zero tolerance to deviants
  20. if owaise sahab wanted to leave as he had other bookings etc.
    he should of left quietly.

    no need to stand up disrupt the bayaan on Azmate Mustafa and try to show how accommodating he is by giving his time to the aalim.

    whats more shocking is that the person at the end of the video says on the mic. "paise bhi ziyada lete hain"

    i dont know if owaise charges, but many say he does charge before hand for his time, isnt charging not allowed?

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